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5 Ingenious Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer

by Ryan Johnson |August 18, 2017 |0 Comments | Tips & Tricks | , ,

It’s over a hundred degrees outside and your skin is sucking the heat deeper into your body and not trying to help you out.  Afternoon downpour brings grief instead of relief. In the evening, humidity levels are so high you can slice it with a knife. Add pollution and every second becomes a real hell when you’re outdoors during summer. Luckily, there are ways to beat the heat.

Stay Hydrated

water bottle

This one is very obvious but it’s really easy to get distracted when you’re outside, especially when you’re touring spectacular places, exploring new destinations, and seeing incredible sites, and matters like hydrating are quickly forgotten. On top of keeping yourself from the summer heat and being healthy, staying hydrated is essential in staying comfortable and enjoying your time outside to the fullest.

One of the main obstacles is that water can get expensive, especially if you’re in areas popular with tourists. One bottle of H2O can cost you over 5$ and it’s easy to convince yourself that you will find a cheaper option later. Which leads us to the second point.

Have An Empty Bottle

Empty water bottles are really easy to carry around and they are really helpful. Disposable bottles can work just fine, but reusable bottles are worth your investment as well because they will keep you hydrated and reduce waste. Having a travel canteen will keep your body cool.

Eat Spicy Foods

spicy food

It may seem counterintuitive, but the fact is, the active component in spicy foods reduces sweating and raises (wouldn’t you want to cool your body temp?) your body temperature. Besides, you can chew minty gums that produce a cooling effect if you don’t want to consume extra calories. The extra sweat will make breezes better for you, and your water will taste colder. As a result, you will be able to survive in summer heat longer.

Install Habitat Screens

Privacy Window Screen

When you install window screens, they provide helpful relief from summer heat. This is achieved because these screens block the heat and glare of the sun before it reaches your windows. Habitat Screens also do well to keep your patio and deck cooler and bug free!

Choose Cotton Sheets

Whether you’re staying at home, at a fancy hotel, or in your family member’s guest room, it can be really challenging to fall asleep when it’s really hot outside and the air conditioning isn’t helping at all. But it doesn’t mean you have to spend all night tossing and turning trying to fall asleep to dreams of cold weather. You should switch your normal sheets to cotton ones. This material has amazing breathability. It increases ventilation on hot summer nights. If you’re traveling during this summer, there are special travel sheets that you can bring along; they are easy to pack and very lightweight.

With these 5 simple precautions, hot weather will never ruin your summer time again!

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How to Make Your Home Bug Free for Summer

by Ryan Johnson |August 11, 2017 |0 Comments | Tips & Tricks | , ,

Nothing makes you lose your summer good mood faster than bugs flying or crawling around your house. Luckily, there are simple tricks for keeping insects out of your property.

Don’t Let Them Enter

Block all entry points for small insects by checking doors and windows. Make sure all entrances are secured or blocked. If you have holes in the walls where ants can dwell, seal them with putty.

Use Indoor Bug Sprays

During warm months when bugs are the most active, a regular insect control regime is very helpful. Non-toxic, indoor bug sprays are your best bet as they are safe and effective for use around people and animals.

Use these sprays as a preventative measure and a spot killer. Regularly spraying doorways, counter tops, baseboards, windowsills, basements, and other entry spots will create a protective barrier against insects. For more severe infestations, fogging is the easiest solution.

Repair Cracks on the Exterior

Even tiny cracks and holes on the exterior of your house can be entry points for mice, ants, and other ‘crawlies’. Start by looking around your house and carefully inspecting it for cracks in the siding that would allow insects to enter. Remove broken bricks and replace them with new. You can also fill the gaps with mortar.

It is important to replace rotten siding, as it is susceptible to carpenter ant and termite damages.

Add Screens

habitat screen

Many homeowners love natural ventilation from windows to bring fresh air during the warm months. Unfortunately, summer is the favorite time for fleas, mosquitoes, and other insects to invade your house. To enjoy the feeling of fresh air and to avoid the annoyance of insects, install retractable exterior screens on windows and doors. Talius Habitat Screens provides just this solution. Habitat Screens are like sunglasses for your home, and not only defend against the entry of bugs, but also keep your outdoor living areas cool.

Take Care of Your Yard

Yard maintenance has a huge impact on bug infestation, especially when it comes to fleas and mosquitoes. These insects need a water supply, so eliminating the source of standing water in your yard is one of the best ways to reduce their population. This will help you better enjoy time spent outside and reduce the number of insects that want to enter your house. Also keeping the grass cut short. Insects like to hide in the shade of the grass blades and keeping it short helps reduce the amount of bugs around your home.

Keep Foundations Clear

Your home’s foundation is close to the ground, so it is the most convenient entry spot for many bugs and insects. When you properly maintain the foundation, you significantly reduce the chances of infestation.

Insects such as ants, termites, spiders, and fleas are really good at thriving and breeding in wet areas beneath your house. If you keep the moisture away, you will make it more difficult for them to reproduce. Keep piles of leaves, mulch, wood, or grass clippings away from the foundation, and don’t place firewood near your house, thus avoiding another source to tempt bugs.

Follow these simple tips and your perfect summer time will never be ruined by pesky bugs and insects.

habitat screen for patio

7 Tips for Making the Most of Your Outdoor Living Space

by Ryan Johnson |July 7, 2017 |0 Comments | Tips & Tricks | , , , ,

Summer is upon us, and even with the onset of good weather, some people tend to stay indoors much of the time. The fact is that being outdoors is good for both our mental and physical wellbeing.

By updating your outdoor living space, you ensure that everyone in your family gets the most out of these warm summer days. Because before we know it, it will be winter and we will be wishing for the sunshine.

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security shutters residential

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Security Roller Shutters

by Ryan Johnson |June 24, 2017 |0 Comments | Rollshutters, Tips & Tricks | , , , ,

Rollshutters, Security Shutters, Hurricane Shutters: What’s the Difference?

security roller shutters

Generally speaking, rollshutters or roller shutters is an umbrella term used to describe all window and door coverings consisting of a multitude of horizontal slats made of aluminum or steel that are hinged together, and can be opened or closed on demand.

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Talius Roller Shutters Residential

8 Ways to Keep your Home Cool this Summer Without Using AC

by Ryan Johnson |May 30, 2017 |0 Comments | Tips & Tricks | , , , ,

Summer cometh… and we here at Talius are determined to make sure you keep your home cool during the summer months without relying on AC.

These simple tricks not only work, but they are cost effective, energy efficient and will likely help you save money on your electric bill.

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Jason & Brooke Watorek

Breaking News: Talius Opens New Manufacturing Plant in Ontario

by Ryan Johnson |May 18, 2017 |0 Comments | Company News | , , , ,

Last week Talius opened a new manufacturing plant in Windsor, Ontario for our Habitat Screens. This is big news as it allows for manufacturing, and easier distribution of Talius Habitat Screens, along the east coast of Canada. Talius has partnered with Brooke and Jason Watorek longtime Talius dealers in this new endeavor, they are very experienced with Talius products and are a great asset for Talius’ Eastern Canadian clients.

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roller shutters

5 Home Improvement Projects that will Pay Off when Selling Your Home

by Ryan Johnson |May 5, 2017 |0 Comments | Tips & Tricks | , , ,

The value of homes can fluctuate quite drastically with certain home improvement projects. Though many of us naturally feel a great deal of attachment to our homes that we’ve spent so many years in beautifying, the fact is that many homes for whatever reason go on the market for sale. Real Estate is on solid ground, so quite a few people are flirting with the idea of selling. This list that we’ve created outlines a few ways that you can get the most profit for your home if you decide to sell. Here are some home improvement projects to consider.

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hurricane shutters on the outside of a large home

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Electric Bill

by Ryan Johnson |April 17, 2017 |0 Comments | Tips & Tricks | , , ,

Every month, like clockwork, the bills come in. One of the most prominent of these is always the electric bill. If you’re budget conscious, or saving for that dream vacation to Barbados – you’re well aware that every dollar counts. In that vein, we’ve decided to come up with 5 suggestions to help you save money on your electric bill.

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How Installing Roller Shutters Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

by Ryan Johnson |April 7, 2017 |0 Comments | Rollshutters | , , , ,

Without a doubt, climate change is happening at a tremendous rate, and even with the most stringent of regulations, many scientists are fearing that we are nearing the tipping point. The fact is that there has never this much carbon in the atmosphere in 450,000 years! Scientists around the world have concluded that this dramatic rise in read more

commercial roller shutters

The Key Benefits of Installing Roller Shutters and Security Shutters

by Ryan Johnson |March 30, 2017 |0 Comments | Rollshutters | , , , , ,

Many savvy property owners can provide great anecdotes of ways that rollshutters and security shutters have enhanced their home or building. Indeed, the benefits are numerous, and many times the savings that are accrued from installing rollshutters pay for the cost of the installation usually in a matter of several months. We’ve decided to collate the main benefits in this article. We hope you enjoy.

Security Solutions

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