Talius Habitat Screens™: The Perfect Solution for Summer Patio Enclosure


Talius Habitat Screens™ offer a perfect solution for patio coverings during the summer. These screens provide a range of benefits that enhance the outdoor experience while effectively addressing the challenges posed by solar radiation and high temperatures.

One of the key advantages of Talius Habitat Screens™ is their ability to reduce harmful solar radiation and protect against UV damage to furniture and flooring. These screens come in various fabric weave densities, allowing homeowners to customize the level of solar protection they desire. By selecting a tighter weave density, the screens become more energy-efficient, blocking a significant portion of the sun’s rays and reducing heat transfer. This feature creates a comfortable and safe environment for patio activities, shielding occupants from excessive sun exposure.

In addition to solar radiation and UV protection, Talius Habitat Screens™ offer effective ambient room temperature control. These screens can reduce the ambient room temperature by approximately 11 degrees Celsius. By acting as dynamic solar shading solutions, they prevent direct sunlight from entering the patio area and minimize heat buildup. This temperature reduction ensures a pleasant outdoor environment, even during hot summer days, and reduces the need for artificial cooling methods. Consequently, Talius Habitat Screens™ contribute to energy savings and decrease reliance on air conditioning systems.

Energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction are also significant advantages of Talius Habitat Screens™. By preventing excessive heat gain, these screens reduce the demand for artificial cooling, resulting in decreased energy consumption. This energy efficiency not only translates to cost savings but also aligns with sustainable living principles. Homeowners can enjoy their outdoor spaces without compromising environmental responsibility.

Versatility and convenience are key features of Talius Habitat Screens™. The screens are designed to be retractable, providing flexibility and adaptability to changing weather conditions and personal preferences. Homeowners can easily adjust the screens using manual or motorized control options. For added convenience, optional features such as remote control, sun sensors, and wind sensors can be incorporated into the system, automating the operation and optimizing energy efficiency. By programming the system to react to the position of the sun throughout the seasons, precise control over solar gains and energy savings can be achieved.

In conclusion, Talius Habitat Screens™ offer an exceptional solution for patio coverings during the summer. Their ability to reduce solar radiation, protect against UV damage, lower ambient room temperature, and enhance energy efficiency creates a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor living space. The versatility and convenience provided by manual or motorized control, along with optional automation features, further enhance the usability of Talius Habitat Screens™. Choosing Talius Habitat Screens™ for patio coverings allows homeowners to experience the perfect balance of comfort, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability throughout the summer season.


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