Habitat Clear

Enjoy a clear view along with the benefits of solar shading and UV and heat protection.






Durable protection against inclement weather with clear visibility to the outdoors.


Enjoy all-season comfort by trapping cooled or heated air within the enclosed environment.


Expand balconies and decks in the most challenging locations.

Habitat Clear Features

Manual, motorized, and remote controls.

5” aluminum panel box and guide rails with stainless-steel components

Exterior-Rated Fabrics

Optional environmental sensors

Compatible with building automation products. Optional environmental sensors.

Solid fabric border available in 5 colors to complement your frame color selection.

Our Fabrics

Habitat Clear fabrics are stable and suited for outdoor use. Talius provides 5 color choices for the curtain's outer edge to match your frame.






Maximum Dimensions


11 ft. (3.35 m)


9 ft. (2.74 m)


80 ft2 (7.43 m2)

Habitat Clear units maintain a comfortable interior temperature by containing heated air.

The high-end modern appearance and sophisticated design of Talius Habitat Clear screens provide protection from the elements without obstructing your view.

Talius offers 5 fabric color options for the outer edge of the curtain, allowing you to match your frame color selection.

Habitat Screen
Core Features

Habitat Clear Curtain Vinyl
Openness 0%
UV protection <99%


Minimize heat loss
Preserves your view
Saves Energy
Easy to clean Requires special care
Protects from insects
Blocks wind, rain and more


Patio and deck enclosures
Reception halls
Pool houses and gazebos

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Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is the difference between Talius Habitat Clear screens and regular Talius Habitat screens?

Talius regular Habitat Screens are designed to block the sun. Habitat Clear will help regulate interior temperatures during the cooler months by trapping warm air. However, in summer, they will not block the sun's heat. They are excellent for blocking wind, rain, dust, and snow. The guide rails, panel box, and screen create a completely enclosed system to keep insects out.

2) What are Habitat Clear screens most commonly used for?

Habitat Clear screens are fabulous for commercial and residential patio enclosures, reception halls, pool enclosures, or anywhere you want to expand your useable space.

3) Why choose a Habitat Clear screen instead of other Talius screen options?

Choose Habitat Clear when you want to block weather and not the sun. Habitat Clear screens block the sun's UV rays and will protect against harmful UV exposure.

4) Are Habitat Clear Screens difficult to care for?

Habitat Clear screens require extra care to preserve the visibility of the clear vinyl. Dirt and debris can easily scratch the surface or cause dimpling if not removed before retracting. It is also not recommended to retract the curtain when wet. Talius recommends using a soft cloth to wipe away moisture or dirt and debris.

5) Can Habitat Clear screens be operated through my home automation system?

Yes, they can be integrated into home automation systems and be operated remotely from a smart device.

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