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Vandalism Protection and

Entryway Security
Entryway Security

Automated Window

Roll Shutters
Roll Shutters

Modern and Innovative

Habitat Screens
Habitat Screens

A Suite of Innovative Solutions for
Windows and Entryways

Modern technology for
roll shutters and habitat screens


Latest innovations in roll shutter and screen material technology

Energy Conservation

Leeds certification significantly reduces energy costs.

Designed to offer a multitude of solutions for your home, business, or building.


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For over 40 years, Talius has been designing and manufacturing world-class roll shutters and habitat screens for homes, commercial spaces, and institutional buildings. With over 20,000 installations worldwide, we work with hundreds of authorized installation partners.

As an industry leader, we're driven to design and manufacture cutting-edge roll shutters and habitat screen technologies using the highest quality materials. We also take pride in contributing to a sustainable future by using environmentally-friendly materials and manufacturing methods.

Innovative Solutions

Automated roll shutter and habitat screens.

Enhanced Security

Elevated security and exterior vandalism protection.

Improved Comfort

Protection against sunlight and heat for outdoor patios and sunrooms.

Custom Solutions

Modern solutions tailored to any dimension or space.

Modern Automated

Roll Shutters
Entryway Security
Habitat Screens

Roll Shutters

Dependable weather shielding, improved insulation, and heightened security.

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Entryway Security

Protection for business storefronts and entryways against vandalism, intrusion, and graffiti.

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Habitat Screens

Automated habitat screens that provide maximum shading against sunlight and heat.

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Shade & UV


Talius Roll Shutters & Habitat Screens are used across various industry projects and complex installations.

Institutional Security

Proven security solutions for public schools and institutions.

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Commercial Security

High-end protection for commercial buildings.

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Residential Security

Innovative customized solutions for home protection.

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Small Businesses

Storefront protection and vandalism deterrence.

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Energy Efficiency

Improved energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.

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Storms and Weather

Protection against storms and inclement weather.

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Over 20k successful installations

Over 40 years of experience protecting homes, buildings, and businesses of every size and dimension.

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Facilities Coordinator, BC Liquor Distribution Branch

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Founder, Director of Express News Convenience

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Langley Events Centre

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