Roll shutters

Business Storefront Entryway Security with Protective Roll Shutters

Protecting highly valuable inventory with highly durable roll shutters fit to any entryway.

08 Oct 2023

Downtown cores can be a great places to run a business. But operating in busy, urban areas often comes with headaches such as break-ins, excessive graffiti, and window smashing. The Sony Store routinely experienced smashed windows from those looking to steal expensive electronics. With Talius's motorized Safe Mini with Safe Rails, window smashing and inventory theft became a thing of the past.

Installation size:


Product material:

Extruded Aluminum

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Protect and secure your business storefront with the latest roll shutter technology.

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Choose between various roll shutter profiles to match the security solution you need. Talius’ roll shutters are customized for each opening to create a perfectly enclosed security solution. Our exclusive components and built-in locking features prevent access to the mounting fasteners and prying up of the roll shutter curtain. Talius’ Safe Mini security profile is the strongest insulated security slat in the industry with a high-density, hard resin core.

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