Habitat Plus

Solar shading for commercial spaces, buildings, and spaces with complex dimensions.






An innovative and energy-efficient solution designed for large outdoor spaces.


Optimize comfort and minimize UV exposure.


Expand balconies and decks in the most challenging locations.

Habitat Plus Features

Heavy-duty extruded aluminum bottom bar

Sturdy aluminum back beam and square cover housing, built with precision.

Exterior-rated fabrics

Stainless-steel cable guides and anchors

Compatible with building automation products Stainless-steel cable guides and anchors

Optional environmental sensors and motorized operation

Our Fabrics

Frame components are available in 5 stock colors or 1800 custom colors to perfectly match your existing decor.


Frame components are only available in silver. For large projects, please ask your Talius dealer about special order color options.

Maximum Dimensions


19 ft. 2” (5.84 m)


14 ft. (4.26 m)


268.3 ft2 (24.9 m2)

Exclusively engineered to be inconspicuous when mounted.

Specifically designed for exterior use, our fabrics are durable and easy to maintain. They are available in a variety of colors and weave densities to provide the exact amount of solar protection you prefer.

Designed specifically for mid to high-rise balconies, this system is capable of withstanding strong winds.

Habitat Screen
Core Features

Fabric 55% Weave Density 90% Weave Density 95% Weave Density 99% Weave Density Solid Vinyl
Openness 45% 10% 5% 1% 0%
UV protection 55% 90% 95% 99% <99%


Blocks heat gain
Preserves your view
Saves Energy
Easy to clean
Protects from insects
Reduces wind and rain
Daytime privacy
Nighttime privacy



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Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is the difference between Talius Habitat Plus screens and regular Talius Habitat screens?

Talius regular Habitat Screens are designed to block the sun, keep insects out, and reduce energy costs. The guide rails, panel box, and screen create a completely enclosed system. Talius Habitat Plus screens feature a stainless-steel cable guide system instead to guide the screen up and down. The Habitat Plus system also features an extruded vs roll-formed overhead panel box and bottom bar. Like our other Habitat Screens, Habitat Plus screens will block the sun and save you money on heating and cooling costs. However, they will not prevent insects from entering your building.

2) What are Habitat Plus screens most commonly used for?

Habitat Plus screens can be mounted just about anywhere. The most common use for Habitat Screens is to maximize comfort inside your home or on your patio.

3) Why choose a Habitat Plus screen instead of other Talius screen options?

Choose Habitat Plus screens when a fully enclosed system is not feasible or desired. Habitat Plus screens are ideal for mid to high-rise buildings due to their ease of installation.

4) Is there a variety of screen fabric choices and colors to choose from?

Yes, Talius has 5 different fabrics to choose from, each with a variety of color options. Depending on your needs, we offer fabrics that block between 55% and 99% of the sun's rays.

5) Can Habitat Plus screens be operated through my home automation system?

Yes, they can be integrated into home automation systems and be operated remotely from a smart device.

6) What is the difference between Talius Habitat Clear screens and regular Talius Habitat screens?

Talius regular Habitat Screens are designed to block the sun. Habitat Clear will help regulate temperatures in cool months by trapping warm air. However, they will not block the sun's heat in the summer. They are excellent for blocking wind, rain, dust, and snow. The guide rails, panel box, and screen create a completely enclosed system to keep insects out.

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