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Protect your home from broken glass and intrusions

Secure windows and entryways with impenetrable steel roll shutters.

Secure windows and entryways with impenetrable steel roll shutters.

Condo Solutions

Residential Solutions

Residential Security

A residential property is an easy target for intruders.

Residential properties left vacant for extended periods of time are vulnerable to intruders. Alarm systems and cameras can deter damage or break-ins, but they can't prevent them.

Roll shutters offer peace of mind for homeowners, as well as a range of additional benefits.

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Mitigate vandalism and intrusions and maintain peace of mind.

Choose between various roll shutter profiles to match the security solution you need. Talius roll shutters are custom-made for each opening to create a perfectly enclosed security solution.

Our exclusive components and built-in locking features prevent access to the mounting fasteners and prying up of the roll shutter curtain. Talius’ Safe Mini security profile is the strongest insulated security slat in the industry, thanks to its high-density, hard resin core.

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Anti-Graffiti coating

Talius anti-graffiti coating offers long-lasting protection against chemicals, reduces scratches thanks to its tough surface, and allows for easy graffiti removal, eliminating the need for harmful cleaning agents. Perfect for busy areas and places prone to vandalism.

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