Roll shutters

Customized Protective Roll Shutters for the Harley Davidson Store

Highly customized graphics; specialized protective roll shutters for a long-standing brand.

08 Oct 2023

Harley Davidson is synonymous with style, power, and highly customized motorcycles. We built and custom designed these motorized Safe Mini shutters with Safe Rails and anti-graffiti coating. Customized graphics bearing the Harley Davidson Bar and Shield were also emblazoned on our extruded aluminum roll shutters matching the overall exterior of the store.

Installation size:

77"x 88" (large panel)

Product material:

Extruded Aluminum

Installed by:

Red Deer Overdoor

Protect and secure your business storefront with the latest roll shutter technology.

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Choose between a variety of roll shutter profiles to match the security solution you need. Talius’ roll shutters are custom made specifically for each opening to create a perfectly enclosed security solution. Our exclusive components and built-in locking features prevent access to the mounting fasteners and prying up of the roll shutter curtain. Talius’ Safe Mini security profile is the strongest insulated security slat in the industry with a high density, hard resin core.

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