5 Creative Tiny Homes You Have to See


Living in a tiny house means experimenting with your creativity; this is especially true when it comes to designing a space and furnishing it. Each year in the U.S, many people opt to live in a small space. This probably makes you wonder ‘what is it that inclines people to live in a small space?’

This may sound bizarre to you, but living in tiny homes has many advantages. People design and furnish spaces in tiny homes in a way that turns it into a potential house. You might be wondering how and why it is possible.

Here we have included some amazing compact homes that have exemplifying and incredible money-saving benefits.

Creative Tiny Houses

1.     The Tiny Castle

Designed with mighty creative ideas, this tiny castle will surely blow your mind with its miniature construction. It may leave you flabbergasted when you find that this tiny castle is a transformed truck.    The mobile house, when parked, unfurls into an excellent fortress.

It can conveniently fold back into a simple, street-legal vehicle as well.

Not only this, this tiny abode is loaded with money-saving ideas that include solar panels to generate electricity. It is undeniably a great way to churn out energy without increasing your electricity bills. Its rooftop working bathtub is another creative built-in – feature that makes it quintessential.

2.     Midcentury Grain Silo

If the cooling or heating costs of your house are getting higher day by day, it is the right time you should make some decisions about your living costs. Mid-century grain silo, in this regard, is a well designed modern urban tiny home.

It is commonly called a Silo house. The cozy nest is a sleek dwelling and is small enough to fit inside of your pick-up truck. It’s a two-story compact home with an open floor plan that includes a tiny dining area, living room, and kitchen.

3.     Skoolies Rules

Conversion of a school bus into a tiny home, apparently, is not something you haven’t seen before. However, the increasing popularity of these tiny houses is definitely inevitable.

The attractive design and cozy space are what make it a go-to option for tiny house dwellers and enthusiasts who are looking to male DIY houses.  The standard sixty-six seater can be easily transformed into a tiny house.

4.     Mini Motive House

If you are a tiny house enthusiast, it is hard not to fall for a structure like the mini motive house.  With total expenses of about $12000, the elegant tiny dwelling has big benefits for you. It is constructed on an area of 232 sq ft. and provides you with good space to live with your family.

5.     Wohnwagen

This is another self-sufficient tiny mobile house, with tons of built-in-features that make your living easy and rent-free. The green roof, which can harvest both grey water and rain, is its stand out feature.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the concept of tiny houses has completely altered the way people imagine their dream house. With aforementioned exciting ideas, you can also transform your living style.





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