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Talius Habitat Screens™: The Perfect Solution for Summer Patio Enclosure

Talius Habitat Screens™ offer a perfect solution for patio coverings during the summer. These screens provide a range of benefits that enhance the outdoor experience while effectively addressing the challenges...

08 Jul 2024
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The BC Government’s Short-Sighted Approach: Air Conditioning Over Passive Cooling for Senior Homes

24 Jun 2024

Talius COO, Cal Johnson Celebrating Nearly Three Decades with the Company

17 Jun 2024

What to Expect During Dealer Training

12 Jun 2024

Understanding the Different Rollshutter Profiles – Part 2

06 Jun 2024

Understanding the Different Rollshutter Profiles – Part 1

27 May 2024

Features to Keep and Eye on When Choosing a Rollshutter – Part 2

21 May 2024

PRESS RELEASE: Welcoming Aloha Awnings & Window Coverings to the Talius Family

13 May 2024

Features to Keep and Eye on When Choosing a Rollshutter – Part 1

06 May 2024

Solutions for Educational Facilities: Talius Rollshutters and Habitat Screens in Schools

29 Apr 2024

PRESS RELEASE: Welcoming Spectrum Remodeling to the Talius Family

22 Apr 2024

PRESS RELEASE: Talius Receives New Investments

16 Apr 2024

Introducing New Talius Tubular Motors

02 Jan 2024

PRESS RELEASE: Welcoming Rainier Shade to the Talius Family

20 Dec 2023

Comparing Roll Shutters with Other Popular Security Solutions for Small Businesses

11 Dec 2023

Year-Round Comfort: Using Roll Shutters to Regulate Home Temperature

04 Dec 2023

PRESS RELEASE: Welcoming Comfort Shades and Shutters to the Talius Family

29 Nov 2023

Choosing the Right Roll Shutter for Your Space: A Buying Guide

27 Nov 2023

PRESS RELEASE: Talius Announces Partnership with Screen It Kona to Expand in the Hawaii Islands

27 Nov 2023

PRESS RELEASE: Welcoming Palm Security & Power Screens to the Talius Family

25 Nov 2023

PRESS RELEASE: Talius Attends the Record-Breaking Housing Central Conference in Vancouver

21 Nov 2023

Cypress Mountain Village Retail Roll Shutter Protection for British Pacific Properties Ltd

30 Oct 2023

Talius Carves Out New Territory with Expansion into Minnesota: Quality, Security and Environmental Responsibility Lead the Charge

09 Oct 2023

Assessing the True Costs of Vandalism, Window Smashing, and Graffiti on Small Businesses

08 Oct 2023

Roll Shutters and LEED Certification: A Sustainable Solution for Modern Buildings

08 Oct 2023

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