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Talius Carves Out New Territory with Expansion into Minnesota: Quality, Security and Environmental Responsibility Lead the Charge

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The state of Minnesota is set to benefit from Talius’ continued expansion across the United States. A well-established company recognized for its superior products, Talius is making a significant move into the region, creating a new horizon for property protection, environmental consciousness, and product excellence.

Talius Nordic Sol installation

Talius, an industry leader in security and protection solutions, is renowned for producing North-America made products. With an unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest quality and security standards, Talius has grown a reputation as a reliable provider of premium roll shutter and retractable shading products. 

As a homegrown North American company, Talius understands the unique requirements of the region’s properties and is eager on delivering solutions designed for optimum performance in the local climate. The Talius product range, known for its resilience and durability, is now available to Minnesota residents seeking top-notch security solutions for their homes, businesses, and schools.

Moreover, Talius products play an essential role in protecting what matters most. From safeguarding properties to ensuring the security of businesses and schools, Talius continues to provide peace of mind for thousands across North America. This expansion into Minnesota means that even more families, business owners, school administrators, and parents can rest easy, knowing that their properties and loved ones are safe.

Importantly, Talius shows an impressive blend of environmental consciousness and innovative product design. Their retractable shading systems are not just premium products but also significantly contribute to reducing the need for energy-intensive technologies like air-conditioners. These shading systems efficiently block sunrays while maintaining the view, effectively reducing room temperatures. This blend of environmental responsibility and advanced technology offers an eco-friendly alternative for maintaining comfort in homes, businesses, and schools. Through these actions, Talius reaffirms its commitment to its customers and the environment, solidifying its status as a true leader in the industry.

Talius Nordic Sol installation Ranch

NordicSol (, led by Eric and his wife Riina, is the driving force behind Talius’s strategic expansion into Minnesota. Originating from humble beginnings in Ontario, Canada, in 2011, Eric was one of the first two salesmen to launch Lumon, a Finnish company specializing in unique retractable glass wall systems. Drawing from his Finnish heritage, where a deep connection with nature is cherished, Eric’s business approach unites the comfort of nature with the resilience of quality Finnish-designed products. With experiences rooted in large, Finnish-influenced families from Canada and Minnesota, Eric and Riina’s mission is to bring the outdoors closer to their customers, enriching their living spaces. Having already transformed numerous Canadian homes with Lumon’s innovative solutions, NordicSol is now dedicated to extending the same transformative impact to American households. Envisioning their retractable glass walls as cherished additions to homes, they anticipate customers using these spaces to enjoy their morning coffee, gaze at stars, or simply unwind in a private oasis. Eric and Riina, extending a warm ‘tervetuloa’ (welcome) from their family-owned business based in Minnesota, are eager to make your outdoor living dreams come true with quality products from Lumon, a world-class Finnish company. Welcome to NordicSol, where nature meets innovation.

In conclusion, the expansion of Talius into Minnesota signifies a win-win scenario for both the company and the residents of the state. With the combined efforts of Talius and NordicSol, Minnesota can look forward to enhanced property security, quality products, and an improved sense of environmental responsibility.

Stay tuned for more updates as Talius continues its steady march across the United States.

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