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Introducing New Talius Tubular Motors


We are proud to announce the unveiling of our new tubular motors, designed to redefine the way we approach security solutions. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the innovative features, unparalleled efficiency, and transformative impact these motors bring to the forefront of our security systems.

Our new motors will become standardized systems, implemented in all our roll shutter and Habitat Screens. All motors offered, share the same characteristics:

  • Smart Automation: Easily control your Roll Shutters and Habitat Screens with the touch of a button or integrate them into your smart home system for ultimate convenience.
  • Enhanced Security: Our motors prioritize your safety and security, providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones.
  • Modern Controls: New added features that include solar powered sensors and timer functions for convenience and energy efficiency.
  • Durability and Reliability: Engineered for durability, Talius motors are built to withstand regular use and adverse weather conditions. This longevity is crucial for ensuring a reliable and consistent performance over time.
  • Customization Options: Talius understands that different spaces have different requirements. Our motors are designed to fill every environment and crafted to fit any preference and architectural need.

This introduction includes Standard Limit Motors, Radio Motors and Zip Motors as well as an all new transmitter, all of which are equipped with new and differing features:


Standard Limit Motors: MO-2025, MO-2050

These motors are standard limit motors which require a wall switch for power. They come in two power options for the use of units up to 50Nm and 100 Nm, respectively. Manual Override options are available.


Radio Frequency Motors: MO-2125, MO2150

These motors are operated by radio frequencies and share similar characteristics to standard limit motors. Like our limit motors motor, RF motors come in the same power options, 50Nm & 100Nm, each with a manual override option.


Zip Motors: MO-2250, MO-2225

These motors are slightly smaller than limit and RF motors. They are contact sensing radio motors that are dedicated for the use of screens up to 10Nm and 5Nm, respectively. They do not come with manual override options.


Transmitters: CO-2005, CO-2010, CO-2015

CO-2005: This is our Talius Single Channel Transmitter which operates on one radio channel.

CO-2010: This transmitter opens up the possibility to control 5 different channels and is equipped with a timer as well.

CO-2015: Allows for 15 channel transmission.


Each of these new motors can also include a solar powered radio sun/wind sensor and be controlled via our app.

The seamless integration of Talius’ new tubular motors offer enhanced protection as well as a newfound peace of mind for businesses and homeowners alike.

As we embrace these changes, these motors stand as a testament to Talius’ unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering solutions that transcend expectations. We are thrilled to incorporate these new motors in our product sales, certifying our commitment to quality with our signature branding on all our components.


About Talius

Talius stands as the foremost manufacturer of premium roll shutters and Habitat Screens in North America. Our roll shutters provide robust defence against vandalism, theft, and unauthorized entry, safeguarding schools and commercial buildings and residences. Talius’ Habitat Screens are designed to significantly diminish heat absorption in buildings during sunny periods and heatwaves, resulting in a notable reduction of up to 50% in air conditioning energy consumption. To best serve clientele across the continent, Talius maintains offices in both Florida and British Columbia.

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