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PRESS RELEASE: Welcoming Comfort Shades and Shutters to the Talius Family


Vancouver, BC & Phoenix, AZ, November 29, 2023 – As a renowned leader in innovative exterior solutions, we are proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Comfort Shades and Shutters, a distinguished provider of window coverings in Phoenix, Arizona. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies as they join forces to bring cutting-edge products and enhanced services to homeowners in the vibrant Arizona market.

Comfort Shades and Shutters has firmly entrenched itself as the go-to local authority in the realm of window coverings, earning a sterling reputation for its steadfast dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and stylish solutions. The company has become synonymous with elevating the ambiance of homes through its exquisite range of window treatments, each reflecting a commitment to excellence.

With a robust presence in the vibrant community of Phoenix, Comfort Shades and Shutters has not only become a household name but has also ingrained itself into the fabric of the local lifestyle. This strategic localization has allowed the company to intimately understand the unique preferences and demands of the community it serves, fostering a deep sense of trust among its clientele.

This strategic partnership opens up a world of possibilities for homeowners in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. By teaming up with Comfort Shades and Shutter, Talius ensures that residents gain direct access to our energy efficient exterior window coverings and shading products. From enhancing security with our advanced roll shutters to seamlessly integrating sun protection and functionality with our Habitat Screens, this collaboration empowers homeowners to elevate their living spaces with Talius’s premium solutions. Charles Fitt, Regional Sales Manager of the U.S. market says “Our products thrive in the blazing sun that Phoenix Arizona has to offer and we’re incredibly excited to see them used for sun protection throughout the entirety of the calendar year!”

Comfort Shades and Shutter becomes an integral part of Talius’s extended family of authorized dealers, contributing to the strengthened presence of both brands in the Arizona market. This partnership not only signifies a commitment to excellence but also underscores the shared values of innovation, quality, and customer-focused service that define Talius and Comfort Shades and Shutter.


About Talius

Talius stands as the foremost manufacturer of premium roll shutters and Habitat Screens in North America. Our roll shutters provide robust defence against vandalism, theft, and unauthorized entry, safeguarding schools and commercial buildings and residences. Talius’ Habitat Screens are designed to significantly diminish heat absorption in buildings during sunny periods and heatwaves, resulting in a notable reduction of up to 50% in air conditioning energy consumption. To best serve clientele across the continent, Talius maintains offices in both Florida and British Columbia.

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About Comfort Shades and Shutters

Comfort Shades and Shutters, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, is a leading provider of premium window coverings. Renowned for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, the company offers a diverse range of stylish blinds, shades, and shutters tailored to the unique preferences of the local community. With a strong connection to the Phoenix lifestyle, Comfort Shades and Shutters goes beyond aesthetics, prioritizing security and durability in its products. This comprehensive approach has positioned the company as a trusted solution provider, transforming residential and commercial spaces.

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