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Solutions for Educational Facilities: Talius Rollshutters and Habitat Screens in Schools


In today’s uncertain world, securing educational institutions has become paramount. Talius has been at the forefront, working closely with school districts to implement cutting-edge security solutions, ensuring the safety of students and staff. One such solution is Talius Rollshutters, which offer robust protection against intrusions and harsh weather conditions. Beyond their security features, these rollshutters serve as a game-changer in energy conservation efforts.

Classrooms often face the challenge of overheating, especially with the sun’s relentless rays. Talius addresses this concern with Habitat Screens, a passive cooling solution that complements Rollshutters perfectly. Mounted on the exterior of classroom windows, Habitat Screens deflect harmful UV rays before they reach the glass, creating a thermal barrier. This significantly reduces the wind U-factor by up to 40%, resulting in substantial energy savings for educational institutions.

What sets Habitat Screens apart is their versatility. With a range of fabric options available, schools can choose the perfect weave density to suit their needs. From a 55% weave density, offering maximum openness, to a 99% weave density, virtually eliminating UV absorption, there’s a solution for every requirement. The figure below outlines the various selections that can be tailored to fit any preference.

In addition to enhancing security and sustainability, Talius Rollshutters and Habitat Screens provide a cost-effective way for schools to reduce energy bills and create a more comfortable learning environment. With Talius, educational institutions can address both security concerns and excessive energy consumption, making it the perfect solution for any school striving to create a safer, more sustainable campus environment.

Overall, Talius’s commitment to partnering with school districts goes beyond just providing security solutions. By integrating innovative features like Habitat Screens alongside their renowned Rollshutters, Talius ensures that educational institutions can create environments conducive to learning while prioritizing safety and sustainability.

As schools face ever-evolving challenges, from security threats to rising energy costs, Talius remains dedicated to offering comprehensive solutions tailored to their unique needs. With Talius Rollshutters and Habitat Screens, schools can fortify their buildings against potential threats, regulate indoor temperatures more efficiently, and ultimately create safer, more sustainable campuses for students and staff alike.

In an era where the safety and well-being of students and educators are paramount, Talius stands as a trusted partner for school districts across the globe. Whether it’s addressing security concerns or tackling energy inefficiencies, Talius Rollshutters and Habitat Screens offer a holistic approach to enhancing the educational environment. With Talius, schools can take proactive steps towards a safer, more sustainable future, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to thrive in a secure and comfortable learning environment.


About Talius

Talius stands as the foremost manufacturer of premium roll shutters and Habitat Screens in North America. Our roll shutters provide robust defence against vandalism, theft, and unauthorized entry, safeguarding schools and commercial buildings and residences. Talius’ Habitat Screens are designed to significantly diminish heat absorption in buildings during sunny periods and heatwaves, resulting in a notable reduction of up to 50% in air conditioning energy consumption. To best serve clientele across the continent, Talius maintains offices in both Florida and British Columbia.

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