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PRESS RELEASE: Talius Receives New Investments

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Vancouver, BC – April 16th, 2024 – Talius, Canada’s premier provider of high-quality rollshutters and screens, is thrilled to announce it has attracted new investments from two distinguished private equity groups. This investment is earmarked for the development of new products, enhancement of inventory levels, and bolstering of customer service capabilities.

During 2022 and 2023 Top Rollshutters dba Talius went through a period of supply chain and financial problems, so Talius’ major shareholders decided to restructure the employees, assets, manufacturing operations and brand into a new legal entity which is called Talius Group. It is this new legal entity which has received the new investment.

The Talius team are committed to continue delivering dependable solutions and unmatched customer service. The substantial investment from Dovesco and Gestalt Capital underscores strong confidence in Talius’ strategic vision, operational resilience, and capability to thrive amidst adversity.

Dovesco is a diversified investment group based in Belgium, manages assets exceeding 1 billion USD. Originating from one of Europe’s most successful family-owned manufacturing conglomerates, Dovesco’s investment philosophy is highly congruent with Talius’ objectives and ethos. They collaborate with entrepreneurs and management teams to drive sustainable growth both organically and through judicious acquisitions. Dovesco’s investment acumen is evident from their impressive portfolio of more than 30 transactions in recent times, focusing on profitable entities with dominant market presences.

Gestalt Capital is a Canadian private equity group supported by family offices. Gestalt Capital concentrates on private enterprises with a long term holding strategy.

Gregory De Clerck, CEO of Dovesco, expressed enthusiasm about the new investment in Talius, stating, “Our decision to augment our capital commitment was swift. Our confidence in Talius’ leadership, innovative products, and the burgeoning North American market underpins our continued investment.”

Frank Christiaens, CEO of Talius, reflected on the partnership, “Securing the support from Dovesco and Gestalt is a testament to our company’s potential. These investments will empower Talius to refine our offerings and operations, now that we are backed by robust financial resources and a visionary trajectory. We now have not only the best products and the best team, but also the most solid financial backing of any player in our industry.”

Dovesco and Gestalt will join the board of Talius Group, which will allow the management team to leverage their many years of experience to ensure world class governance and execution.


About Talius

Talius is the leading North American manufacturer of premium Roll Shutters and Habitat Screens, offering unparalleled protection against vandalism, theft, and unauthorized access for schools, commercial establishments, and homes. Talius’ Habitat Screens effectively reduce heat absorption by up to 50% during warm weather, significantly cutting down air conditioning costs.

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About Dovesco

Dovesco is a family empowered diversified investment group, that focusses on the sustainable value creation and international growth of its portfolio companies alongside entrepreneurs. Dovesco unites three business clusters: Dovesco Core Equity investing in solid companies with a long-term growth mindset, such as Domo Chemicals and its real estate company Alinso. Dovesco Private Equity partnering with ambitious entrepreneurs and management teams to accelerate growth sustainably, focusing on profitable companies with leadership positions in their markets; and Dovesco Fund Investments investing in funds and co-invests that focus on promising new business models and trends in Belgium and beyond.

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About Gestalt Capital

Gestalt Capital is an investment group backed by a number of family offices. Based in Canada, Gestalt looks to partner closely with entrepreneurs and operators to help them grow and build strong, cash flowing businesses. As a fund, they are considered patient capital, with no mandate to sell and a time horizon of holding their investments measured in the decades. Gestalt believes that great companies are built by great teams, and their goal is to support management to enable consistently strong performance. Gestalt’s strategy aligns well with Talius’ vision for the future.

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