6 Creative Home Storage Ideas


It’s human nature to bring as many possessions as possible to one’s home. Ancient instincts coupled with practicality drive us to keep as many useful things in the house as possible. The “maybe I’ll need it someday” approach is useful but calls for a lot of storage space.

Unfortunately, not many people have huge basements or attics they can use for storage. Most of the time, we have to come up with something simple, elegant, and creative to keep our homes free of clutter while storing all the stuff we want within reach.

  1. Rolling Drawers

space under bed

Do you know how much space you have under your bed? You never think about it until you have to vacuum underneath and have trouble reaching the tough spots. A great way to get rid of the annoying under-the-bed cleanup and add more storage space is to buy rolling drawers.

These drawers with small wheels can be a wonderful place for storing out-of-season clothing, toys, tools, etc. You can have these drawers custom made to take advantage of the entire space under your bed.

  1. Sliding Closet

The space between the wall and your fridge seems too small to play hide and seek? Get creative and use it to slide in an extra pantry. It’s great for storing spices, cereals, cans, and other things you use for cooking.

The thin closet with castor wheels easily slides into the small space and can be pulled out by a small handle.

  1. Behind-the-Door Pantry

The space behind the door is often useless since you can’t place any furniture there. Turns out, it can be a wonderful spot for storage. Installing a pantry with multiple shelves just behind the door allows you to take advantage of the unused space without having any door-opening problems.

  1. Shipping Containers
shipping container with rollshutter door
Photo Credit: Cleveland Containers

Shipping containers can be used for shipping, right? Yes, but they are also perfect for storage. They are strong, durable and a recycled material making them environmentally friendly. You can install one of these in your backyard and never worry about storage space again. The containers can be equipped with shelves, drawers, and freezers, allowing you to use them as a huge extra closet.

If you want your shipping container to be safe, you can install rollshutters. Besides making it easy to open and close, these shutters offer extra security for your storage space and ensures none of the outdoor elements gets in. They provide storm protection while insulating the container so it keeps the warmth in during the winter and out during the summer. With a rollshutter, a shipping container is a great sustainable and cost-effective shed for your expensive tools and gardening equipment.

  1. Bottle Shoe Storage

Do you always wonder how to store your shoes without using bulky boxes and having them fall all over the place? Use plastic bottles!

Cut off the top half of a large soda bottle and stick the shoes inside vertically. The shoes will always stay in a great condition and can be easily stored anywhere you wish. These bottles can be painted and attached material and hung over your closet door to save even more space.

  1. Magnetic Tape

Do you have bobby pins, scissors, tweezers, and other small metal things lying all over the place? Or that, without fail, you are always losing? The smart way to store them is to attach a strip of magnetic tape to a wall or underneath a cabinet. Magnetic tape can be purchased inexpensively at most craft stores, making this an inexpensive solution to ensure you always know where to find your stuff.


Rollshutters create an effective barrier againstvandalism, break-ins and theft.

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