What are Solar Shades?


Are you looking to tone down the sunlight inside your property without compromising your view?


Solar shades do just that and more to protect the interior of your home or business. They have become a popular window treatment, designed to save money and energy. Talius Habitat Screens are easily produced; with the right measurements and customization, the installation of this popular solution is hassle-free. Here are some facts about these shades and what they can do for your property:


Solar Shades are made with UV resistant and flame retardant materials


The fabric used to manufacture solar shades is tightly woven to offer protection against the sun’s UV rays. The openness of the fabric varies, where a higher openness means that less sunlight is blocked. Exterior solar shades are designed to absorb the sun’s heat and glare and effectively block up to 95% of the sun’s UV rays which protects occupants and belongings from the harmful effects of overexposure. 


Habitat Screens do not obstruct your view


Solar shades live up to the “shades” name because even as they block the sun, they do not obstruct your view. When choosing a fabric color, note that darker fabrics are the easiest to see through and reduce the most glare and that visibility is reduced slightly as weave densities increase. For example, a fabric that blocks 90% of the sun’s UV rays will filter the view less than a fabric that blocks 95% of the sun’s UV rays however both are still see-though.


Solar Shades reduce energy costs 


Solar screens reduce your energy costs because they prevent overheating in summer and significantly reduce the demand for cooling energy. They also allow for capturing free solar energy in cool months which reduces the heating energy demand. Overall the amount of energy saved corresponds to a variety of other factors, however, on average, solar screens reduce room temperatures by roughly 11 degrees Celsius, reduce cooling energy demand by approximately 40%, and heating energy demand by approximately 18%.


Habitat Screens add to the appeal of your windows


Solar shades also have an aesthetic appeal which makes them high on the list of stylish yet functional window treatments. They have a clean and clutter-free look that can blend in with the style of your home or business. An array of fabric options and colors are at your disposal, to make a fashionable statement with your shades. Light-colored fabrics help to illuminate the room and are ideal for brightening the overall space but are harder to see through than darker colors. 


Solar Shades can be motorized for a touch of luxury


With the flick of a switch, click of a button, or the use of your smartphone, retractable Habitat Screens can be raised or lowered with motorized operation. Manual operation is also an option that is safer for children and pets than corded window shades. Environmental sensors, timers, and automation provide peace of mind by taking over the operation for you which is most effective at reducing energy demand.


Solar Shades are the perfect solutions for workplaces


Habitat Screens optimize thermal comfort, prevent glare on computer screens and allow light transmittance. All of these increase productivity and moods within the workplace. 


Solar Shades are lifetime solutions for your window


Solar shades are built to withstand the test of time. Investing in our Habitat Screens would not only provide long-term savings but act as a durable and long-lasting solution for the home or office.

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