What is a Retractable Screen?


Let’s face it, no one likes bugs.

Thus screening systems were created bearing this key fact in mind. Adding a fixed screen to the windows of homes has become standard over the decades, but new innovations have begun to dominate. Today, it’s more than just bug-proofing that homeowners are looking for and one solution making waves is Retractable Screens.

As the name suggests a retractable screen, made of vinyl-coated polyester fabric, easily retracts into a panel box when not in use. This is attractive to those who prefer to not have screens visible as the seasons change. They are not limited to protecting the exterior of windows but are useful for doors and expanding the home. Talius Habitat Screens can be customized to almost 20-foot spaces, or split screens are available to fully cover larger spaces.

Though they may just seem like screens that retract, the buzz is around the benefits.

What does a retractable screen offer?

Solar Protection

Imagine that you are outfitting your home, how about investing in stylish sunglasses for your windows and doors? Sunlight causes the deterioration of floors, furniture, and fabrics over time. The fabric of retractable screens is designed to absorb 90% of the heat before it reaches the glass of the window or door.

Beautiful artwork and expensive furniture within your home will not suffer damage from the intense UV rays of the sun. The shade provided by the screens also creates a cooler, more comfortable atmosphere.

Energy Efficiency

You may be surprised to know that the installation of retractable screens helps in playing your part to save the environment. Traditional interior screening options allow heat to pass through the window and enter the room, and the heat gain often prompts the use of air conditioning.

Retractable screens act as the first defense against heat gain because they are installed on the exterior of the window. Reduced cooling energy demand means reduced energy costs resulting in some extra dollars in your pocket.

Bug Protection

Insect invasion is a downfall to enjoying outdoor living. Fitting the patio or gazebo with retractable screens guarantees the satisfaction of bug-free activities. Properties in rural areas stand to benefit the most from insect protection especially during the summer when bugs are most plentiful.

View Preservation and Daytime Privacy

Talius Habitat Screens will not interfere with the amazing views surrounding your property. In fact, while you enjoy an unobstructed view, no one can look in because our screens provide daytime privacy too. Talius Habitat Screen fabrics have a weave density of 90 and 95% for ideal sun protection and privacy, whereas, our fabric with a weave density of 55% is best suited for bug protection.

Expansion of the Living Space

Retractable Screens are perfect for patio enclosures. The patio can also be converted into a screen room where you decide how to optimize the additional space. Create a storage room, outdoor spa, or meditation space with the comfort of knowing it will be a cool, insect-free, private space.

Solution with Style

Retractable screen operation is easily done within the comfort of your home through the use of manual or motorized operators. Remote control, sun sensors, timers, and automation can also be integrated with the screens for worry-free and efficient ease of use. The panel box and glide rails blend seamlessly into your décor with five standard colors of white, beige, brown, black, and silver, or customize them for a perfect match from over 1800 custom color options.



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