Why are Some People Choosing to Live in Tiny Homes


Big houses come with big expenses. Utility bills, property taxes and not to mention your mortgage can soon make your dream of living in your dream house a living nightmare.

Perhaps that’s the reason why the tiny house movement is on the rise. Living in small houses or tiny houses built on wheels offers an easy way to lower the costs.

The idea of downsizing to a smaller house does not appeal to most homeowners. But, it’s a fact that moving into a compact and tiny house gives you the freedom of saving money to travel and plan for an early retirement.

The Joys and Benefits of Living in Tiny Homes

It is relatively cheaper to warm or cool your tiny house and this is why it’s a great strategy to save money for buying a mortgage-free house later on in your life.

While big families or people with growing kids are less enthusiastic about the concept, it is true that living in a tiny house helps you pay off outstanding debts. Weather-proofing your tiny house is also cheaper and more convenient.

Naturally, living in smaller houses or tiny homes is not always sunshine and rainbows. People who live in climatic zones that are vulnerable to hurricanes, storms and floods wonder if a tiny house is the best available option for them.

However, the trend of living in tiny houses or smaller homes is not new. In fact, people have been living in RV’s and houses-on-wheels for decades. We have also witnessed a plethora of construction projects that focus on developing micro apartments to popularize the idea.

Less storage means you don’t have to buy dozens of fixtures or large couches. Living in tiny houses makes you more aware of how you can adapt to a minimalist lifestyle to conserve energy and water.

But the best part is that you get to pay less for building and maintaining your home. Integrating your tiny house with its surroundings helps you become closer to nature and enjoy a taste of outdoor living. Tiny houses are great for people who are tired of living in cramped apartments.

Imagine how fun it is to shower outside in the summer for a truly organic experience. Cooking outdoors and eating out on the patio with your family helps you unplug from the outside world and get closer to your family.

You can benefit from a covered patio with a cement kitchen sink and a BBQ area to entertain friends and guests.

How to Protect your Tiny House

No matter how big or small your house is, it is important to weather-proof your home. This helps your tiny or small house survive a natural catastrophe.

  • Secure your roof, sidings or panels.
  • Install window shutters so no high winds can damage your precious little house.
  • All stove, plumbing and other pipes protruding from your tiny house must be secured enough to survive strong winds.

Bottom Line

If you love leading a life full of adventure, living in a tiny house can be the most daring and gratifying adventure of your life.


Rollshutters create an effective barrier againstvandalism, break-ins and theft.

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