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Unveiling the Answers: Talius Roll Shutters Customer FAQs


At Talius, we understand that choosing the right security solution for your property is a significant decision. To provide clarity and address your queries, we’ve gathered some frequently asked questions about our roll shutters. Let’s dive into the answers and empower you with the information you need.

Q1: How do Talius Roll Shutters enhance security?

Talius Roll Shutters are engineered with security as a top priority. The robust design, durable materials, and guard rails all act as an effective deterrent against break-ins. Additionally, they provide protection against extreme weather conditions, offering a comprehensive security solution, protecting residences and small businesses from debris spread during storms that can cause potential property damage.

Q2: Are Talius Roll Shutters easy to operate?

Absolutely! Talius Roll Shutters are designed with user-friendliness in mind. Whether manual or motorized, the operation is seamless. Motorized options can be controlled with a remote, smartphone app, or integrated into your smart home system for added convenience.

Q3: Can I install Talius Roll Shutters myself?

We highly recommend professional installation for optimal performance. While certain models may seem user-friendly, we strongly discourage DIY installation to prevent damage or improper use. Our detailed installation guides and video tutorials are intended for professional use to ensure the proper setup and functionality of all our products.

Q4: Do Talius Roll Shutters require maintenance?

Regular maintenance ensures the longevity and optimal functionality of your roll shutters. Simple tasks such as cleaning and seasonal checks, as outlined in our maintaining your investment blog, will keep them in top condition.

Q5: How do Talius Roll Shutters contribute to energy efficiency?

Talius Roll Shutters act as an additional thermal barrier, helping to regulate indoor temperatures. This contributes to energy efficiency by reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling, ultimately lowering energy costs. Our study with the National Research Council of Canada, showcased a decrease of 50-80% in energy demand and a 19% decrease in heat loss when comparing windows equipped with and without Talius roll shutters. 

Q6: Can I customize the appearance of Talius Roll Shutters?

Absolutely! We offer 1800 custom colour options as well as a variety of profile styles to suit your aesthetic preferences and security needs. For commercial businesses that may be interested in showcasing their branding or logos, we also offer print options to showcase your company identity while maintaining the security of your business. Whether you want shutters that blend seamlessly with your property or make a bold statement, we have options to match your vision!

Q7: Are Talius Roll Shutters environmentally friendly?

Talius is committed to sustainability. Our roll shutters are designed to contribute to energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of your property. By regulating indoor temperatures, they support environmentally conscious practices and conserve energy in both residential and commercial settings.


We hope these answers provide valuable insights into the benefits and features of Talius Roll Shutters. If you have additional questions or need further clarification, our customer support team is always here to assist you. Feel free to reach out and discover how Talius can elevate your property’s security and comfort.


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