Getting the Most out of Your Patio During the Fall


The official start of fall comes with the Autumnal Equinox this year on Saturday the 22nd of September. With this, the world prepares for the winter. The wind chills and the natural world opens up with an array of colors only seen around this time.

As the evenings and nights become cooler, many families tend to try to spend more time on their patio trying to get the most time outdoors before it gets too cold. In this blog post, we’re going to offer some ideas on getting the most out of your patio for the glorious season – Fall.

Install Habitat Screens

Privacy Window Screen


Habitat Screens are the perfect solution for patios when, you want to keep your outdoor living space bug free without sacrificing your view. Habitat Screens can be customized to fit just about any space and deliver protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, while keeping the area cool and comfortable. Our Habitat Screens can be operated manually or by remote and is also highly energy efficient. Talius Habitat Screens not only protect you from the sun and insects but can block some of the chilly breezes that the fall weather brings.

Setup a Heater or Build a Fire Pit

Heaters can be propane fueled or electric and come in pretty much all shapes and sizes. Both variants can add some burden to your energy consumption but having a warm area for the family to relax in might make it worth it. Conversely, a fire pit can be bought or built and not only keeps the family warm but is aesthetically very pleasing.

Add Some Fleeces

Fleeces and quilts are a staple for this time of the year. Fleeces will keep your family warm as the ambient temperature gradually decreases as winter approaches. Use colorful fleeces and quilts that mirror the myriad of colors that the season is famous for. For some awesome fleece designs, you can check out this website.

Decorate with Lights

Brighten up your patio or outdoor living space with strings of lights. These lights look great in shrubs or trees or along the trimming of your patio. The soft glow of these lights not only make it more romantic if it’s just you and your significant other but also makes for a great ambience for little get-togethers. Another option is solar powered garden lights or even tiki torches. Though tiki torches do require more maintenance than the other options listed above, they are, in my opinion, worth it. I think there is something magical about a fire.

Create an Outdoor Bar

This idea requires a lot of effort if you’re going to build or a bit of money if you’re going to buy it. Either way, definitely worth the time or money if you’re going to be entertaining people during the season. If you want to go the extra mile you can even get one with a power supply. That way you can stock it with not only your favorite whiskey but also a selection of wines.

Add Hanging Chairs

This isn’t necessarily only an idea for Fall but hanging chairs are very much in style now, and will make a welcome addition to your patio décor any time of year. They give you the feeling of lounging in a hammock on vacation any time of the year.

Thanks for reading our article on getting the most out of your patio this Fall. If you can think of anything that we left out, please let us know in the comments section.


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