Securing Schools: What can Talius do?


Security is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to any organization or institution. However, arguably, it is more important in schools than in other institutions.

The United States has seen a massive increase in school shootings in the past few years. In 2018 alone, nearly 113 people were killed or injured as a result of school shootings. Throughout that year there were over 23 school shooting incidents where someone was either shot or killed. At an average of 180 school days, this means that a school shooting would have occurred after every eight school days. This is an alarming statistic.

Moreover, as schools are often subject to vandalism and various other threats, repairs for the aftermath of these attacks can be quite costly in more than one way. But you can, in fact, reduce these damages greatly, and here is how Talius can help you.

Our Many Safety Measures

Safety precautions in various institutions in countries, like Canada, often boil down to security cameras and panic buttons. Although these security measures help deter acts of violence and crime in their own way, they still leave room for errors and they do not stop all acts of violence from occurring.

On the other hand, our vandal panels and rollshutters ensure that your premises are safe from any vandalism or harm. Unlike most security measures that record or alert authorities during these acts, our security measures can act as deterrents or can even protect students from certain acts of violence.

Protection from Vandalism

Schools are often subject to various forms of vandalism. From rocks being thrown at windows, to graffiti and paint sprayed on the walls and windows, schools are no stranger to acts of vandalism. That being said, our roll shutters come with a specialized coating that makes the process of removing paint, dust, or any other stains much simpler.

One of the many costs that schools often have to bear is the cost of cleaning graffiti. Cleaning off graffiti can be very expensive at times. According to a report by the Center for Problem-oriented Policing, nearly $12 billion dollars are spent every year cleaning graffiti in the United States. Schools are especially targeted when it comes to graffiti, whether it is because of students themselves or gang members.

Gang-related graffiti is at an all-time high in cities, like Phoenix, and schools are suffering the most from it. With the help of our rollshutters, you will no longer have to worry about having to spend money or time on cleaning graffiti. We also offer standard colors, like white, silver, brown, and beige, or you can choose from over 1800 different custom color options, which guarantees that our shutters blend seamlessly into the chosen color scheme of your school.

Talius roll shutters are incredibly durable as they are made of high-quality aluminum and stainless steel. These roll shutters also provide insulation, thanks to their hard resin foam core. Moreover, during working hours our roll shutters roll up into a very compact panel box that no longer obstructs your view. If you happen to invest in motorized roll shutters, you can put away these large metal plates with just a push of a button. How convenient!

The Appearance of a Rollshutter

Often times functionality is not the only thing that people look for when it comes to security, especially if it will be visible to people. Rest assured our roll shutters will blend perfectly with your buildings and will match their aesthetic.

We provide roll shutters in various different colors so that you can customize them, according to your liking. Furthermore, the appearances of roll shutters can often seem too bleak and dark, which can lower the morale of students and can turn away visitors. But with the varied color choices at your disposal, these rollshutters will never have to look bleak again.

Their Functionality and Purpose

Rollshutters allow you to protect your students from vandalism or intruders, which is a lot easier with a slew of incredible functions that we provide. We also offer rollshutters with remotes, sun sensors, and timers, so you can have more control over them. You can also seamlessly integrate our rollshutters into your existing lockdown and security systems.

Our rollshutters not only offer protection from intruders and vandals, but they also offer protection from inclement weather. Thanks to the insulated resin foam core in our rollshutters, you can save big on electricity bills.

Seeing how the insulated roll shutter greatly reduces the heat or cold wind from entering your premises, you can very easily reduce the need for any other type of cooling or heating device.

Our Vandal Panels

If you wish to get most of the benefits of a good rollshutter, but without the massive sheets of metal completely blocking off the light, then you can always opt for our vandal panels.

Talius vandal panels are stationary panels made from durable aluminum, which provides immense longevity. However, this durability does not come at the cost of versatility, as these vandal panels are arguably much more functional than their heavier metal counterparts.

Thanks to their unique design, Talius panels are able to protect your glass windows and doors from damage, without obstructing natural light. This is especially great for the interior of your premises where roll shutters cannot go, as they are almost as durable and do not allow the glass to shatter even if the glass breaks.

This makes it a great option where you cannot install roll shutters, as it provides most of the roll shutters benefits in a more efficient way.

It also has graffiti-resistant properties that will not only save you time, but also money in the long run. These panels also come in a wide range of colors.


Talius roll shutters and vandal panels offer you top-of-the-line security along with functionality that will save you time and effort, and style that won’t make your school feel like a prison yard.


Rollshutters create an effective barrier againstvandalism, break-ins and theft.

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