Are High-End Custom-Made Retractable Screen Doors Worth the Cost?


Thinking about installing screen doors? There are several options available from traditional sliding screen doors to high-end custom-made retractable screen doors, all of which vary greatly in price. 

Think about the reasons why you want to install a screen door and look at what benefits the different options provide. Finding the right solution for your purpose should be the priority over cost. Of course, our choices are often dictated by our budget, however, the wrong solution results in money wasted. 

Below are just some of the benefits retractable screen doors provide:

Fresh breeze without annoying insects

Picture opening your patio door for some fresh air without your home being invaded by insects. The mesh fabrics used to manufacture retractable screen doors have tiny holes to allow air to pass through while most insects cannot. So, when the heat picks up, there is no need to suffer at the hands of mosquitos or wasps once you install a retractable screen door.


Many retractable screen doors offer do-it-yourself installation, however, sizing is limited to standard door sizes. Some problems have also been reported with spring-assisted vertically retracting screen doors, such as failing to retract over time or the screen separating from the guide rails. Horizontal retractable doors are custom made to fit any door shape or frame. Talius screen doors, specifically, are manufactured with a special edge retention system to secure the screen within the guide rails which minimizes service calls and maximizes customer satisfaction. The doors can be installed anywhere around the home from your front door and patio to your garage door and balcony. Many options offer manual or motorized operation to suit the homeowner’s needs.

The View is still Yours

The mesh fabrics used to build retractable screen doors will not obstruct your view. Do-it-yourself options are typically manufactured using black fabric with a weave density intended only for insect control. Custom-made screen doors offer a variety of fabric colours to match your decor and a variety of weave densities to provide the exact amount of shading and insect control you desire. All, nonetheless, maintain the view of your surroundings. 

Save Money on Energy Costs

One of the biggest benefits of installing a screen door is the energy savings they provide. Naturally, homeowners turn off their air conditioners in the evening and open their doors and windows to cool their homes. Without screens on these openings to prevent unwanted insects, homeowners continue to cool their homes with artificial cooling systems. By installing a screen door, you too can save on your energy bill while also contributing towards global CO2 reduction targets.

Child and Pet Friendly

Finding the right solution for a home with children and pets can be tricky. Do-it-yourself screen door options have not proven to withstand the forces often placed on them by our little ones or our furry friends. Custom-made solutions, however, are designed to survive wear and tear of any kind. Talius’ retractable screens, for example, use exterior-rated fabrics with an edge retention system that can withstand winds up to 100 mph. Therefore, they are strong, durable, and manufactured as long-lasting solutions, especially for homes with children and pets.

Habitat Screens Retract

The door’s ability to retract is a benefit on its own. Sliding retractable doors can be a pain when misaligned, and most are a fixed panel that does not become hidden when slid to one side. Exterior mounted retractable doors retract horizontally adding a degree of convenience and luxury to the home as they tuck away into an overhead panel box and become barely noticeable. 


As a property owner, smart investments are the best ones. Some retractable screen doors are flimsy and often pets are able to push through them. High-end screen doors that are custom-made are smart investments, built to withstand the test of time. You can guarantee that they will provide a long-lasting solution that you won’t regret. 


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