Traditional Rollshutters Vs. Safe View Rollshutters


Thinking about adding a rollshutter system to your property?

Rollshutters remain popular fixtures on the market, and various types have emerged to suit the homeowners’ needs. Whether you’re adding to your commercial or residential property, the versatility of rollshutters makes them attractive and worth every penny. Traditional rollshutters and Safe View rollshutters sold by Talius are fitted with unique features for serving different purposes. Let’s help you find the right fit!

Traditional Rollshutters

The most trusted solution for storm and vandalism protection is the Talius rollshutter. Having manufactured rollshutters for over 40 years, Talius has engineered the ideal fit for homes and businesses alike. Made from aluminum and stainless steel, Talius rollshutters are designed to protect against vandalism, forced entry, and theft.

They are installed on the exterior of the building over access points such as windows and doors. Strong and durable, they protect what’s inside your property and prevent costly vandalism, broken glass repairs, and inventory losses. Rollshutters provide an excellent long-lasting security solution ideal for residential homes, vacation homes, and commercial properties.

We like to say that our rollshutters are many solutions rolled into one. For example, apart from the security solution that traditional rollshutters provide, customers will often choose to install them for storm protection. Ready to be lowered at the touch of a button when a storm is approaching, rollshutters transform your property into a fortress and protect it against flying debris and harsh weather.

Talius rollshutters are also energy efficient. In Europe where the cost of energy is high, they have been in use for decades as a means of lowering energy usage for cooling and heating. Rollshutters have insulated profiles to prevent heat gains in summer and heat loss in winter.

The National Research Council Canada found that Talius rollshutters reduced heat loss in winter by up to 20% and the need for cooling energy in summer by approximately 45%. Energy savings will vary depending on building construction, location, orientation, and so on, but no matter the case, rollshutters are a proven energy-efficient solution.

Safe View Rollshutters

While traditional rollshutters offer multiple benefits, they also block visibility when fully deployed. Many commercial storefront customers wish to showcase products during closure periods while having peace of mind that their property is safe and secure.

Talius Safe View Rollshutters provide both visibility and security with a dash of style. Whether located in a mall or as a standalone commercial storefront, Safe View rollshutters protect against break-ins, vandalism, and theft while allowing window shoppers to view products on display.

Talius offers two profile options for Safe View rollshutters – the grille and the perforated profile. The grille profile allows for up to 42% light transmittance and the perforated profile allows for up to 29% light transmittance. Units can measure up to 4.5m with a maximum area of 13.5m2.

Safe View rollshutter profiles are made from aluminum making them lightweight yet durable. They are more resistant to corrosion, rain, and fluctuations in temperature compared to steel product solutions and can be operated by manual or motorized control.

Traditional Rollshutters vs Safe-View Rollshutters

The choice between traditional Rollshutters and Safe View Rollshutters is rather simple. Choose traditional rollshutters if you are looking for many solutions in one. However, if you only want a security solution that provides 24-hour visibility, choose Talius Safe View rollshutters.

Talius has over 40 years in providing premium security products to our clients in Canada, the USA, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Whichever product you choose, you can rest assured that we have the support you need to protect your assets.


Rollshutters create an effective barrier againstvandalism, break-ins and theft.

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