6 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Space


When most people think of sprucing up or revamping their outdoor living space, it can be a daunting endeavor. However, you can easily transform your outdoor living space into a comfortable, fun spot where you can spend time under the sun and the stars.

Sprucing up your outdoor living space is not rocket science – it is a simple philosophy: Work with what you have, make a few thoughtful and creative additions, and voila! A great place for lounging, entertaining your friends and enjoying delicious family meals.

We have come up with 6 ideas to enhance your outdoor space. We hope you enjoy our article.

#1 Browse for outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs can be your savior! Define your dining space or seating area with nice-looking, heavy-duty outdoor rugs. Scrub down the area, repair or replace broken pieces and add rugs for a fresh look.

To add pattern, color, or texture to your exterior living space, decorative and stylish outdoor rugs are the answer or layer multiple rugs for an eclectic look. Place them under the dining table or in a seating area to define the sections and add a cozy, indoor feeling to your outdoor space.

An outdoor rug can be the focal point of your home’s exterior living space so be sure to pay attention to the texture, color, and material when choosing your outdoor rug.

#2 Let there be lanterns and lighting

Luminous décor is the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Hang lanterns from ropes, hooks, or ball chains to add stunning curb appeal, or place them on a tray, mantel or a table. Another popular choice is to wrap pretty light strings around a fence or a post for ambient lightning – they look spectacular anywhere!

#3 Include retractable privacy screens

Retractable screens are the ideal solution to bring life back into your outdoor living space.

Think of them as sunglasses or a high SPF sunscreen for your home. They are manufactured in such a way that they offer maximum solar protection while maximizing the privacy and comfort of your patio or outdoor living space.

Retractable screens enhance your patio, balcony, or gazebo by creating a perfectly comfortable, cool, insect-free environment for you.

#4 Add a tropical touch

A touch of the tropics can transform your space into a paradise. All you need are tropical patterns, natural materials, and colorful plants to bring an exotic, island-style oasis to your backyard.

Adding more tropical plants is a great start but selecting outdoor furniture made up of natural materials such as wood, bark, bamboo, and leaves helps also to create a characteristic cozy space.

#5 Go for water fountains

Water fountains and ponds are a fabulous way to add appeal and a touch of natural tranquility to your outdoor living space.

Dress them up with lighting and/or plant life for a more natural appearance or go for a minimalist look and keep it simple. If you choose to add a pond, some colorful fish are a great addition too.

A water fountain does require a lot of work to get it up and going depending on how elaborate your project is but is well worth the effort.

#6 Lay out a fire pit

There are not many things that can beat drinking delicious wines and beverages, toasting marshmallows, and cozying up around the warmth of a fire.

There are a lot of affordable, stylish fire pit options available in the market – not to mention, you can easily get a custom-made pit or build one yourself.

Make it cozy, match it to your furniture, give it a backdrop, or just stick with the basic, minimalistic designs. You can also play with colors, graphics, patterns, lights, and natural materials such as greenery, stones, and wood.


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