10 Items Under $20 To Make Your Summer Home Look Great


Our summer getaways are supposed to be fun sanctuaries that we retreat to once a year to make the most of the summer months. It isn’t uncommon to have your summer home by a lake or in the middle of nowhere to get the feeling of getting away from it all. Choosing where your home is going to be located is important but choosing items that will beautify your home is just as important. Normally, this can be extremely expensive, so we decided to come up with a list of items all under $20 that will make your summer home look fantastic.

Bernhard Rustic Beach Wall Clock – $11.99

This stylish wall clock is colored in different shades and hues of blues, and is silent with its ‘no-ticking’ feature. This ocean themed wall clock will definitely elevate the nautical décor of any room.

Succulent Cactus Candles – $11.89

These candles are perfect for any summer home. They come as a set of 12, making it ideal as a décor element that can be spread across many rooms around the house.

Artificial Indoor Plants – $10.99

Artificial plants are the perfect element to add color to our summer homes. They require absolutely no upkeep (except for some light dusting or wiping with a damp cloth here and there), and can definitely change the feel of any room.

Floating Shelves – $14.99

Made from MDF laminate and with a beautiful espresso finish, these floating shelves are pretty distinctive and really easy to set up and mount. The shelves make a great place to place all of the framed photos and memories you make at your summer house.

Wood & Leather Decorative Chest – $15.69

This decorative chest crafted from wood and leather and is a good statement piece. The vintage look of this chest is sure to add charm as a centerpiece or a small storage vessel to your summer retreat.

Reversible Mermaid Pillow – $14.99

These reversible throw pillows are super-trendy and also super-fun to play with (just ask my daughter). They look like regular pillows until you pet them and then they come to life revealing a different side or sometimes a new image.

Glass Vases – $19.95

This set of 5 uniquely-cut glass vases offer excellent value for money while providing a chic place to put those artificial indoor plants that we discussed earlier.

3D Mirror Decals – $13.99

Inexpensive and a great accessory to brighten up a bare wall. These 3D wall mirror decals are adhesive and can be placed anywhere without the need for any heavy lifting or professional help.

Canvas Art Depicting Flowers – $19.80

Nothing says summer like flowers, and we thought this piece of art on canvas is just stunning. Canvas is a great option because it stands out from the wall giving the room texture.

Patio Umbrella Lights – $10.99

Practical and functional, patio umbrella lights can turn a drab outdoor living area into a place where the whole family wants to hang out and enjoy the cool summer nights. Patio umbrella lights are durable and easy to install.

Thanks for reading our blog article: 10 items under $20 to make your summer home look great. If you have any ideas that we missed, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.


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