Do Retractable Screens Keep Bugs Out?


No one likes the uneasy feeling of insects wandering around the house. Not only are they a nuisance to have, but a number of deadly virus-borne diseases or allergic reactions could occur from just one bite or sting. One of the best solutions to give bugs the boot are retractable screens known as Habitat Screens. Reclaim your home from unwanted mosquitos, roaches, flies, and more to enjoy the full indoor and outdoor living experience every homeowner craves.

How do the screens keep bugs out?

Habitat Screens are made of a tightly woven fabric that is crafted from vinyl-coated polyester and is coated with PVC pigment. The “pores” of the fabric are designed to ensure that fresh air (and fresh air alone) passes through.

In addition, the “zipper” feature of the unique edge retention system secures the screen within the guide rail, to defend against any insect attempting to slip in through the cracks. When the screen is in the down position, rest assured that your room is protected.

How can Retractable Screens enhance the indoor and outdoor space?

Habitat Screens can be installed anywhere around the home to create a bug-free haven. Homeowners residing in rural areas would benefit most, given that bushy areas are extremely attractive breeding grounds for insects. The screens come with the added convenience of motorized control for quick and easy deployment with just a click of a button.

Here are some areas around the home where Habitat Screens can be customized to refresh the space:

  1. Patio and Deck: Don’t let the summer days drift away with your outdoor events being impeded by bugs. Entertaining family and friends certainly are not the same when having to use chemical-laden bug repellant sprays. Consider enclosing your patio or deck with screens; kick back with a good meal and great company without the pests.
  2. Bedroom: The liberty to open your windows at night without insects coming inside would be ideal for a hot summer night. Insects are drawn to the warmth of summer and are often waiting to enter your windows.  Installing our Habitat Screens on your bedroom window or the windows of your kids’ rooms will create a cool, insect-free environment fit for a good night’s rest.
  3. Kitchen: Having flies swarm the stove as you cook is both annoying and a health hazard. Keep the flies on the outside by installing a Habitat Screen outside of your kitchen window.
  4. Gazebo: A gazebo is another part of outdoor living that will thrive from Habitat Screens. Roll out your yoga mat and meditate for an hour or even entertain guests on the inside for an evening.
  5. Create an additional room: Habitat Screens can also be used to expand the living space. A screen room used for dining or storage will be comfortable and bug-free with the installation of Habitat Screens.

Habitat Screens have been proven to keep the bugs away and reconnect homeowners to the comfort of living without repellent sprays and candles. The various ways in which they can be tailored to fit any part of your home prove why you should install a Habitat Screen.


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