5 Cost-Effective Ways to Secure Your Business


The best way to safeguard your greatest asset is to invest in efficient security for your business. While good security, more often than not, requires an initial investment, it does not mean that those costs need to be astronomical. Cost-effective security solutions allow for maximum protection of your business while not breaking the bank.

Security Shutters

Retractable custom-made security shutters protect your business or institution by actively deterring vandals and burglars from even attempting forced entry. Security rollshutters are made from roll-formed aluminum and are retractable from an overhead panel box with manual or motorized operation. Talius lightweight shutters are durable and can be designed to match your company branding.

Safe View Rollshutters provide the perfect mix of security, while still allowing persons to get a look of your storefront windows even when you’re closed.

While an initial investment is required for security shutters, many business owners know that commercial rollshutters pay for themselves in the long run due to decreased losses from burglaries, window and door repairs, as well as the added benefit of energy savings. Rollshutter profiles that make up the rollshutter curtain are usually insulated making them highly effective at reducing on-demand energy use for heating and cooling.

Alarm Systems and Video Cameras

Today’s technology has transformed the format of traditional alarm systems, bringing alerts to your phone. When unusual motion is detected by sensors or there is a clear sign of entry, smart alarm systems send digital alerts.

The addition of a video monitoring system allows for real-time surveillance right at your fingertips. Hidden cameras such as CCTV cameras have been linked to mobile phones to display activity in and around the business. The hassle-free technology removes the waiting time of contacting a security firm.


The difficulty of lifting and removing a safe from its location still makes them useful in the world of security. Yet, having the safe in plain sight leaves it open for the possibility of hacking by a technologically skilled burglar. Also, having to pack and unpack your store’s contents can be time- consuming and monotonous over the long term.


Burglars love darkness, and so amplifying light around your property is important as a deterrent. Be observant and point out dark spots around the property that are ideal for suspicious activity. Proper lighting also allows your neighbors to see anyone trespassing on your property.

Exterior Doors

The front door of the business is the main point of entry, therefore posing a major security risk if it is not properly safeguarded. From staff to customers, persons who frequent the space will know just how easy it is to break-in through the front door.

A secure door should fit within the frame completely. Both metal or solid wood are sturdy options. The hinge pins of the doors should not face the outside, which would make them accessible.

Security rollshutters are designed to protect the fasteners from tampering. The fasteners are hidden behind a secure rail cap making rollshutters one of the more extremely cost-effective security solutions for exterior doors. Rollshutters usually have built-in locking systems and additional high-security locks can be added. They can also be integrated into your building automation, alarm, and fire systems, and can be operated remotely from the convenience of a smart device.

A heavy-duty deadbolt lock is a great choice for the front door when paired with a strike plate. Just like alarm systems, locks have evolved beyond needing keys and keyless options are on the rise. Why search for a key when access codes and phone access codes are available for convenience.


Rollshutters create an effective barrier againstvandalism, break-ins and theft.

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