Talius COO Cal Johnson Wins 2023 Award: Get to Know the Man Behind the Success


We are excited to announce that Cal Johnson, our Chief Operating Officer, has been recognized as a 2023 winner for his outstanding work at Talius! With over 25 years of experience at our company, Cal has played an integral role in the growth and development of Talius.

Cal’s commitment to the company has seen him involved in every aspect of the business, from production and installation to product design and development, supply chain management, IT, sales, and business planning. Outside of work, Cal is an active member of the community, devoting countless hours to coaching youth soccer and hockey, and is affectionately known as “Coach Cal” around town.

We sat down with Cal to learn more about what drives him and his life outside of Talius. When asked about his motivation for joining the company, Cal mentioned the challenge and opportunity Talius provided, along with the flexibility to prioritize family and community involvement. Cal’s career at Talius has allowed him to play to his strengths, resulting in a great sense of accomplishment.

Cal’s role model is his father, who taught him the importance of integrity, hard work, and giving back to others. In his spare time, Cal enjoys backcountry camping and hiking, mountain biking, soccer, and travel. He describes himself as resilient, determined, and capable.

When it comes to music, Cal’s taste is eclectic, ranging from Neil Young and Rhymes with Orange to Iron Maiden, Metallica, The Hip, Cage the Elephant, and The Cult. As an avid reader, he cites the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan as his all-time favorite.

Cal’s commitment to family and community shines through in his achievements, both professionally and personally. His proudest moments come from interactions with his children and the young athletes he’s coached over the years. Cal’s number one priority in life is to “finish strong” and transition his focus from work to causes that give back to others.

Please join us in congratulating Cal Johnson on his well-deserved recognition and thanking him for his unwavering dedication to Talius and the community. We are incredibly proud to have him as a leader on our team and look forward to many more years of success together!


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