Times Talius Roller Shutters and Security Shutters Saved the Day


It isn’t every day that we associate Talius roller shutters and security shutters with saving the day but for many of our business and residential clients this has been the case. Everyday, Talius is growing its client base, and we wanted to share with you some of the times that Talius products have saved the day with our brand of rollshutters.

Talius roller shutter

Stopping Vandalism at a Kelowna High School

Late in 2016, at a High School in Kelowna, British Columbia, gunshots rang out in the night. Fortunately, the school had installed Talius security roller shutters, and this stopped the bullet from damaging the windows.


Stopping Break-Ins at Celtic Distributors

Celtic Distributors a wholesaler of outdoor and gardening equipment was suffering from a slew of break-ins. After installation of Talius commercial roller shutters, the break-ins stopped. Here’s what the owner of Celtic Distributors, John Llewelyn had to say:

“We tried just about every other security solution to stop the crime. Nothing was more effective then the Talius Rollshutters. Since they’ve been installed its put a stop to break-ins” – John Llewellyn, Owner, Celtic Distributors


Reducing Vandalism and Saving Money

Our quality aluminum security shutters were integral to the reduction of vandalism that was occurring at School District 27 in British Columbia. Overall, not only was vandalism reduced but the savings were noted by Maintenance Superintendent Lloyd Williamson.

“I was impressed with the quality of the rollshutters, and my calculations indicate that by installing Talius rollshutters, the maintenance and operating costs of our schools have declined. I recommend this product to anyone who has experienced vandalism or wants to prevent it.” – Lloyd Williamson, Maintenance Superintendent SD 27 BC


Home Security 

Talius is known for representing an alternative in home security products. Our company offers preventative measures as opposed to conventional home security systems that rely on alerting the authorities once the crime is already in progress.

“We chose your rollshutters over installing a security system because we feel a preventative measure of a break-in was a wiser choice rather than coming home and finding our house was broken into and the police were not able to respond in time. I feel very secure when we leave our home and drop all the rollshutters around the doors and windows. We love our rollshutters” – M Rebagliati


Roller Shutters In Environmental Control

Talius is not only involved in security against property damage but because of the quality materials used in their construction, our premium roller shutters and security shutters offer insulation against the elements.

“Not only are the rollshutters invaluable in keeping our south exposure cooler in the summer, but this past exceptionally cold winter, they have provided valuable insulation” – G Johnston


“After having a rollshutter installed on the sunroom last spring our fist summer with it was absolutely delightful! Our sunroom and house were cool and bearable and we are looking forward to having the full run of our house again this summer” – L Turner and A Clair


Storm Protection

In the summer of 2016, a storm tore through Okanagan, and the resulting in a large amount of damage in areas surrounding various lakes. The windows on cabins with Talius roller shutters were spared from damage. For areas prone to storms and high winds, Talius storm shutters are a great first line of defense against blowing debris. These shutters have a high wind load rating and are able to withstand the raw power of the elements.


Talius also supplies shutters to the Caribbean islands to protect homes and businesses during hurricane season. Talius storm shutters are available with special features like storm bars that help to increase the shutters’ wind load capacity. Talius rollshutters easily glide into place when there is a risk of a storm, protecting your home or establishment from high winds or any flying debris.


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Rollshutters create an effective barrier againstvandalism, break-ins and theft.

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