What Can a Retractable Screen System Do for Your Life


One purchase you will never regret as a homeowner is a retractable screen system. It may seem like just a screen outside your window or door, but in reality, they make indoor and outdoor living a breeze. Retractable screens have been dubbed the best screening solution on the market, here are a few reasons why:

A retractable screen system is effective bug protection

Reclaim control from pest invasion by installing a retractable screen system. At Talius, the unique edge retention system of each screen ensures that insects cannot slip in through the cracks. When in use, it acts as a barrier to mosquitos, wasps, and other dangerous insects trying to enter your space. Installing the system around your patio or on windows around the home gives you the freedom to relax in a pest-free environment.

A screen system boosts your energy efficiency

Alongside creating a cool and comfortable environment at home, retractable screens work wonders for your energy efficiency. Our screens up to block 95% of the sun’s heat and glare before reaching your windows. This means a significant reduction in heat gains and on-demand cooling, making the system energy efficient. The screens also reduce:

  • Solar radiation
  • UV damage to furniture and flooring
  • Solar heat gains in summer
  • Heat loss through windows in winter
  • Environmental carbon footprint

A retractable screen system can create more usable space

Another attractive feature of the screen system is daytime privacy. Three weave densities (5%,10%, and 45%) are available for you to choose from, none of which impact your amazing view. This has led many of our customers to use the screen system to create additional space around the home. It is guaranteed to be a cool, private, and bug-free extension to your home.

Retractable screens are entirely customizable to match the appeal of your property, with functional features

There is no need to feel confined by the traditional white, beige, brown, silver, and black screen colors. With over 1800 custom colors to choose from, a Talius screen system can complement your home nicely. Talius offers manual or motorized control and multiple high functionality features for your convenience. With motorized control, a sun sensor and/or home automation can be integrated to operate the screens for you. With home automation, programs can be set to reduce lighting when your screens are up or to increase lighting when your screens are down among many other programming options. Research has shown that integration with home automation results in the most energy-efficient use of a Talius screen system.

A retractable screen system can improve your home value

The screens have become a hit in real estate because buyers enjoy the benefits and flexibility of retractable screens. This can drive up the value of your property during an appraisal.

A retractable screen undoubtedly has the potential to transform your living experience. From the most important feature of optimizing thermal comfort to keeping bugs outside and preserving the life of your furniture and artwork. Talius retractable screens ought to be on your list of additions to complete your property.


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