Storm Protection Tips to Stay Safe during a Nor’easter


A storm along the East Coast of North America is referred to as a Nor’easter. The storms can take place during any part of the year. However, they can be most violent between the months of September and April.

Here are some storm protection tips for North American people to stay safe.

What to do before the storm?

Set up and review your emergency plan.

People, who live or work in a flood zone or any area that is prone to flooding, must take precautions to stay safe. You should also be ready for immediate evacuation.

Make sure you are able to work with a medical provider who can offer you proper care if you are unable to evacuate during a storm.

  • Keep an emergency kit handy
  • Check and follow updates from your local public safety officials
  • Keep power supply ready in case you face possible power outages
  • Check that your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are in working condition.
  • Purchase a generator to serve as a power source during a long power outage. Learn how to use it safely.
  • Take pictures of your personal property and make a record by recording videos. Store all this evidence in a safe place.
  • Flood losses are generally not covered under homeowner’s and renter’s insurance policies. You can purchase flood insurance through NFIP or the National Flood Insurance Plan.

What to do as a Nor’easter Approaches?

  • Follow your local weather radio or news station to get the latest information.
  • Pay close attention to all the instructions provided by your safety officials.
  • Double-check your emergency plan.
  • Check your power supply and emergency lights. Make sure you have enough battery life or fuel in case of an emergency.
  • Make sure you have enough water for several days to stay hydrated.

Charge your cell phones and set your freezer and refrigerator to the coldest settings. It is also a good idea to fill your bathtub and a few buckets to have water. Make sure you have a kit ready in case you need to evacuate in an emergency.

Fill up your vehicle’s gas tank. Pumps will not work at gas stations during a power outage.

Secure your home by installing shutters and other home safety accessories. Make sure all your outdoor furniture and children’s toys are inside during the storm.

Check your rain gutters to ensure all water safely flows away from your home.

Taping windows can waste precious time. Moreover, it won’t stop your windows from breaking. Cover all your windows to protect your home from damaging winds. It is important to install security shutters to keep your property safe.

Final Thoughts

A nor’easter generally lasts a day or two. Snow and heavy rain can lead to dangerous driving conditions. Strong winds can cause significant destruction and knock down trees and cause power outages. It is important to stay safe during a Nor’easter by preparing your home for safety.


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