5 Home Improvement Projects that will Pay Off when Selling Your Home


The value of homes can fluctuate quite drastically with certain home improvement projects. Though many of us naturally feel a great deal of attachment to our homes that we’ve spent so many years in beautifying, the fact is that many homes for whatever reason go on the market for sale. Real Estate is on solid ground, so quite a few people are flirting with the idea of selling. This list that we’ve created outlines a few ways that you can get the most profit for your home if you decide to sell. Here are some home improvement projects to consider.


The aesthetics of a house matters – there’s no way around it. It’s one of the smaller investments that results in a large return. It is the one of the first things that a prospective home buyer first sees. Using a good palette will definitely attract many buyers, and doesn’t need a contractor to complete.

Installing Talius Rollshutters or Habitat Screens

Talius Rollshutters are subtle but will definitely give you the edge when competing on the real estate market. The benefits of rollshutters are numerous and extend far beyond just security. Installing rollshutters are effective against inclement weather, and is amazing at reducing energy costs. These benefits add up and savvy real estate buyers recognize the ongoing benefits of rollshutters. Talius Habitat Screens help to increase the energy efficiency of your home without blocking your view.

Improving the Basement

It’s underestimated, but having a clean, dry basement is important to would-be home buyers. Nothing deters someone like a basement full of moisture, and mildew. Sometimes a small fix is all that is needed to bring a basement up to scratch.

Remodeling the Kitchen

Upgrades to kitchens can be quite expensive but the pay back is among the highest when selling. If you restricted by a small budget, making sure that the walls, and counters are stain free, the appliances are functioning, and the light and faucet fixtures are new.

Adding a Patio or a Deck

No matter what, a patio or a deck is always a good addition to any house. The aesthetic value is substantial and lends to the idea of a home as opposed to a house.


Rollshutters create an effective barrier againstvandalism, break-ins and theft.

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