Talius Exhibiting at this Year’s Annual Conference on Architecture


As pioneers in architectural security solutions and advocates for sustainable living spaces, Talius is excited to announce our participation in this year’s Architect Conference in Vancouver, taking place from May 14th to 15th at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre. This premier event, organized by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC), promises to be an engaging platform where architects, interns, students, and associates will converge to network, discuss industry issues, celebrate achievements, and socialize.

At Talius, we recognize the pivotal role architects and building planners play in shaping our communities. That’s why we’re dedicated to reaching them at the ground level to provide innovative security solutions for local businesses and implement our Talius Habitat Screens in residential high-rise, low-rise, and home applications. At the conceptual level of building specification, the integration of Talius screens and shutters serves as a cornerstone for creating secure, functional, and sustainable architectural designs. By incorporating Talius solutions from the initial stages of planning, architects can effectively address crucial aspects such as security, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. Talius screens seamlessly blend into the architectural vision, offering versatile options to optimize natural light, ventilation, and privacy while enhancing the building’s overall appeal. Additionally, Talius shutters provide essential protection against external threats, safeguarding occupants and assets without compromising on design integrity.

The five-day conference in Vancouver hosted by the RAIC brings together architects, interns, students, and associates for networking, discussions on architectural issues, celebration of achievements, and socializing. As the RAIC’s premier event, it attracts industry leaders from various realms of design and architecture. The conference aims to empower Canada’s architectural community by offering tools, educational opportunities, and practice supports to advance a more livable and sustainable built environment.

Our presence at the conference underscores our commitment to empowering Canada’s architectural community. We’re not just here to showcase our products; we’re here to engage, educate, and collaborate with industry leaders to advance a built environment that is more livable, sustainable, and secure.

What to Expect from Talius at the Conference:

1. Innovative Security Solutions: Our security roll shutters offer unparalleled protection for businesses of all sizes. From retail stores to commercial complexes, we provide customizable solutions to safeguard against vandalism, theft, and extreme weather conditions.

2. Sustainable Living Spaces: Talius Habitat Screens are revolutionizing the way we think about residential architecture. Designed to enhance comfort, privacy, and energy efficiency, our screens seamlessly integrate into any building facade, transforming ordinary spaces into sustainable havens.

3. Engaging Presentations and Demonstrations: Visit our booth to learn more about our products, explore case studies, and discover how Talius can elevate your architectural projects. Our team will be on hand to answer your questions, provide expert insights, and discuss potential collaborations.

4. Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow architects, industry experts, and Talius representatives to exchange ideas, forge partnerships, and stay ahead of emerging trends in architectural design and security.

As we look forward to the Architect Conference, Talius is excited to be part of this dynamic event that champions innovation, collaboration, and sustainability in architecture. Together, let’s build a brighter future for our communities.

See you in Vancouver!


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Talius stands as the foremost manufacturer of premium roll shutters and Habitat Screens in North America. Our roll shutters provide robust defence against vandalism, theft, and unauthorized entry, safeguarding schools and commercial buildings and residences. Talius’ Habitat Screens are designed to significantly diminish heat absorption in buildings during sunny periods and heatwaves, resulting in a notable reduction of up to 50% in air conditioning energy consumption. To best serve clientele across the continent, Talius maintains offices in both Florida and British Columbia.

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