Rollshutters Vs. Impact Windows


Storm protection solutions are expanding on the market, tailored to the evolving nature of natural hazards. Homeowners can now choose from options like Rollshutters and Impact Windows for protection against extreme weather events. Here is a deeper look at how Rollshutters and Impact Windows stand out and provide maximum storm protection:


Rollshutters are known for giving homeowners peace of mind during the hurricane season and beyond. Whether professionally installed or DIY, they are easy to use and secure. The materials used to safeguard your property from wind, rain, and flying debris. Be careful when choosing a rollshutter for storm or security protection because their strength is dependent on the solution they are designed for. Professional installation through Talius means that your rollshutter is custom-made to fit your home and expert advice helps you define the most suitable profile choice for your purpose.

Talius manufactures rollshutters for multiple solutions. Some rollshutter profiles have a soft polyurethane foam core and are designed mostly for light weather protection, noise and light abatement, and energy efficiency. Talius storm and security profiles have a hard polyurethane foam or polyurethane/resin core designed to provide the same benefits as the others while strong enough to reliably protect against heavy weather, vandalism, and break-ins as well. All Talius rollshutters are built using the highest quality materials in their design including roll-formed or extruded aluminum and stainless-steel components for optimal strength and longevity.

Rollshutters are retractable and can easily be deployed manually or with motorized control with a simple touch of a button or in combination with wind and rain sensors in case you are not nearby when harsh weather erupts. They are sleek in appearance and tuck neatly away into an overhead box after a storm has passed.

Impact Windows

Impact Windows give a modern look to the home and are manufactured to be resistant to incoming debris.

The Glass

  1. Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) Glass is created by bonding two or more panes of glass together, with a thin layer of PVB in between. When impacted, the outer pane may shatter, but the vinyl acts as a barrier to avoid penetration. This means that your home will not suffer wind or water damage
  2. Tempered Glass is heat-treated allowing the surfaces and edges to compress. It then becomes 5-10 times stronger than traditional glass, and if shattered it breaks into small pebbles which pose less danger to you.
  3. Sentry Glass Plus (SGP) is built similarly to the PVB glass, but its interlayers are five times stronger and stiffer. The windows are usually clearer, thus making them ideal for commercial properties.


The shatter-proof glass options are only functional when held together by a sturdy frame. Hurricane-resistant frames of aluminum or vinyl are resistant to wind, rain, and projectile objects. The glass is treated with silicone to keep it from shifting out of the frame. A minimum frame is 2-¾ inches deep and .062 inches thick.

Impact Windows can be customized with additional features such as insulation properties.

Rollshutters vs Impact Windows

Efficiency is certainly present with both rollshutters and impact windows. Not only do they offer storm protection, but they improve the energy efficiency of your home and act as security measures.

Here are some differences between the two products:

  • The initial setup cost of Impact Windows is more costly than installing a Rollshutter. In fact, should the outer pane of glass be broken, there is an additional cost to replace it. Rollshutters offer just the protection needed against natural hazards at a more affordable cost.
  • Once installed, impact windows do not need to be secured. With rollshutters, you can choose a manual or motorized operating system.

Before making the final decision, have a professional assessment for your property to make the smart choice.


Rollshutters create an effective barrier againstvandalism, break-ins and theft.

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