6 Things You Can Do To Get Your Patio Summer Ready


Summer is almost upon us, and if you’re anything like me you’ll want to get the most out of this brief but thoroughly enjoyable season. Yes, summer does mean going to the beach and getting out and enjoying nature but many of us also prefer to relax and enjoy our outdoor living spaces. Here are six things you can do to get your patio or deck summer ready.

Decorate with Plants

plants improving outdoor living space

Decorating your patio or deck with perennial plants and shrubs that won’t die when the cold weather inevitably sets in. Summer is a time to showcase color, so flowering plants are a good idea to spruce up the look of your outdoor living area. Another idea is tree décor, where you can add lighting to existing trees on your property. Sure, it’s not Christmas, but it still does look good at night.

Use Habitat Screens

habitat screens improving outdoor living space

Retractable Habitat Screens are extremely useful against bugs and the harmful UV rays of the sun. Talius Habitat Screens are totally customizable and come in both manual and motorized iterations depending on your preference. Habitat Screens can be bought in three different fabric densities (5%, 10%, and 45%) for different levels of privacy. Our privacy screens won’t sacrifice your view while making it harder for people to see into your outdoor living area. Habitat Screens provide a cool, comfortable environment so you can get the most out of your summer experience at home.

Buy Weather-Proof Outdoor Furniture

The more comfortable your patio or deck is, the more time you’ll want to spend there. Adding comfortable patio or deck furniture, therefore, is a must in getting your outdoor living space summer ready. We recommend FrontGate.com for your outdoor furniture.  Once again using bright colors will accentuate the summer feel when you’re relaxing al fresco.

Illuminate your Space

Your outdoor living space is not just for the daytime but is a great place to enjoy the cool nights with your family or with friends. Using solar powered patio lights not only stylishly gets the job done but also doesn’t add to your monthly electric bill. A well-lit area is more attractive for people than a dark area.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen

A barbeque grill or, if your budget is larger, a complete outdoor kitchen is becoming a staple of enjoying your patio, deck, or backyard. There’s nothing quite like the outdoor cookout that firmly sets that summer feeling in. Outdoor kitchens can be stationary or portable or can be electric or gas powered.

Make it Wi-Fi Friendly

In the age of the internet, it is now unthinkable to be anywhere without a strong Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes our indoor Wi-Fi doesn’t quite have to strength to reach our deck and patio areas and this can make friends or family not eager to spend long periods of time in those areas, regardless of how comfortable and relaxing they may be. Using a Wi-Fi booster can solve that problem and complete your outdoor living area.

Thanks for reading our blog post on 6 things you can to make your patio summer ready. If you have any good ideas that we might have missed, please leave them in the comments section.


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