15 Interior Decor & Design Trends for 2021


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With all the time being spent at home, it is no surprise that a plethora of interior decor and design trends have emerged. It is often hard to keep track, what is in today can be out in a few months. Don’t despair, we have compiled the hottest trends to keep your home looking chic:

The Designs

  • Make it “Granny Chic”

It would appear that your grandmother’s taste is not so archaic after all, because some of her decor pieces are now gems in the interior decor world. Granny chic or Grandmillennial design puts a modern twist on the comfort of being at your grandmother’s house. It creates an 80’s or 90’s effect, using floral patterns, constructed wood pieces, and chintz (multicolored cotton fabric with a glazed finish). Head over to grandma’s house or an antique store and pick up vintage paintings, crocheted throws, delicate china, or pillows with formal fringe on the edges. 

  • Fresh wallpaper without the commitment

Wallpaper is back and better than ever because it is now “Peel-and-stick.” This trend allows you to feel the freshness of modern designs, without having to settle for just one. Here are some designs to remember and feel free to turn it into a DIY project:

  • Panoramic Murals make the room feel bigger, even adding a degree of depth to the walls
  • Textures: 3D designs blew up over the past year, and these designs are guaranteed to play tricks on your eyes. Geometric 3D designs are fascinating because they appear to be popping out of the walls
  • Botanical designs: Wouldn’t it be cool to step into the tropics or a garden every time you enter a room? Natural prints bring the outdoors inside, and yellow is being integrated into the designs.
  • Abstract designs: Turn your wall into a work of art with an abstract design. Is it a flower garden? Is it a galaxy? Who knows. 


  • Tone it down with Industrial Styling

For a sleek and understated yet aesthetically pleasing look, industrial decor is just for you. The trend is believed to come from persons wanting less as they spend more time at home. It incorporates exposed stonework, wood, and metal as well as neutral colors like black and white. The fuss is taken out of fashion, with brick walls and exposed shelving, metal caged lighting, and iron bed frames which are simple but effective.

  • Go natural with woven furniture 

The spirit of bringing nature indoors lives on with woven furniture. These pieces lighten the atmosphere while adding a dash of warmth to your decor. Best of all, they are environmentally-friendly pieces. The devil is in the detail, and natural materials like bamboo, rattan, wicker, cane, and seagrass are interlaced to create palatable daybeds, dressers, light fixtures, and much more.

  • Have a cocktail, or a coffee, or more

Once upon a time, a cocktail or coffee table only served to hold drinks. Today, the cocktail/coffee table can make or break your living space, as it is the anchor of the room. The market has significantly diversified because tables are even more stylish and functional. Many must now be able to host a centerpiece, baked goods, and even act as storage.

  • Mix and match a little

Don’t be afraid to tap into the unlimited power of patterns. Beyond checks and stripes, textile and geometric patterns have the potential to rework the energy of an entire room. Approach mix and matching with the following tips

  • Switch up the size: ensure to establish a dominant pattern, and use smaller ones as accents on pieces like throw pillows
  • Use similar colors: the 60-30-10 rule was established to have 60% of the room in a dominant color, 30% in the secondary color, and 10% with a subtle accent.
  • Create a visual balance: mix solid colors in between the patterns to maintain a flow
  • Mix compatible prints: there is a skill in knowing which prints like animal or graphic go together, and which ones simply don’t. Play around with traditional prints and eclectic prints to explore compatibility


  • Add some ‘greeniness’ to your kitchen

What better way to immerse your home in the natural aesthetic than to paint your kitchen cabinets green! Whether you opt for a light or dark shade, this greeniness will certainly add a fresh and healthy feel to the kitchen. You can even explore green countertops, tiles, or a green backsplash for a stunning transformation

  • Sustainable Style

Did you know that there are simple ways to add an environmentally friendly twist to your home interior decor? Plants will always spark that touch of nature to brighten any room and can exist in different conditions. Choosing the plant which best fits your space can ensure its longevity. Jute is a 100% biodegradable fiber, and jute rugs add a hint of texture to the living space or even your coffee table. Organic material pieces like wicker baskets and grasscloth fabrics are long-lasting and never go out of style.

  • Japandi?

With Japaandi, Japanese rustic minimalism is married to the cozy, homey feel of Scandinavian design to birth a natural and artistic look from the union. The focus is placed on clean lines, light colors, and bright spaces. It meets the eco-friendly aesthetic, as natural materials and simple designs dominate.

  • Make a statement…with your vase

Vases were once an overlooked piece of furniture, after all, they were made to hold flowers. Yet along the way, they became bigger and feature more daring designs that created a trend. Vase balls are round and smooth, some made of elegant iridescent glass that is bold enough to make you forget the flowers. Vases of unusual shapes and designs now closely rival other decorative pieces. 

The Colours

  • Yellow

In a stunning twist, yellow changed from being seen as too traditional to bold and confident. We are seeing yellow as the dominant color in wallpapers and wallpaper patterns.

  • Pastels

To create a calming aura, you definitely need some pastels. Pastels that encompass a soothing feel are soft sky blues, cream, and oatmeal

  • Blue

2020 was blue for many reasons, one of which was the spike in blue tones around the home. The blue rein continues with bold blue walls, blue accents, and dark blue hues.

  • Brown

Warmer colors are making a comeback, now more soft browns and beige tones are being incorporated into wallpaper and upholstery

  • Aubergine

This purple, eggplant color gives off rich energy that can transform the energy of any room. It has been said to pack a powerful punch through extravagant prints and plush textures.


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