DIY Rollshutters Vs. Professionally Installed Rollshutters


With growing innovations in home improvement, there’s always a solution you can handle yourself. Homeowners are becoming actively involved in outfitting their homes through DIY projects from interior decor to upcycling furniture.

Rollshutters have grown in popularity due to their versatility, and now eager customers can do the heavy lifting themselves. Before deciding whether to take on the project or have it professionally installed, consider why you chose a rollshutter for your property. The proper choice in a rollshutter and a proper installation is key to creating an effective solution.

Why Rollshutters?

When looking to protect the home from strong weather events or security threats, rollshutters are the way to go. The strong aluminum material is a durable solution, built to safeguard against break-ins and flying debris during strong winds.

Alongside protection, rollshutters promote energy efficiency within the home by significantly reducing cooling and heating costs. Insulated rollshutter profiles work to trap heat inside during the winter months and to significantly reduce heat gains in the summer months.

Rollshutters are also praised for creating blackout conditions for daytime sleepers, providing a barrier to noise, and offering privacy around the home.

Here are some key differences between DIY Rollshutters and Professionally Installed Rollshutters.

DIY Rollshutters

When undertaking to add your DIY rollshutters, property owners first need to consider what solution they wish to create. For example, there is a vast difference between a rollshutter intended only for energy efficiency or light abatement vs a rollshutter intended for security or storm protection. This makes it imperative to know the technical specifications of the rollshutter to ensure that it will perform as expected for the desired solution particularly where security or safety is a concern.

Property owners will be greatly disappointed if they install a rollshutter for storm protection but unknowingly purchase one designed only for light abatement. A rollshutter of this design will fail to stop flying debris during a storm which puts the homeowner at risk of injury and the home subject to damage.

Installation techniques vary according to the intended purpose of the rollshutter, mounting surface, weight of the unit, and so on. An improper installation can result in injury if the unit falls off the building not to mention damaging the rollshutter unit itself. Be sure to do your homework in regards to a proper installation to ensure that your solution does not become a liability.

Purchasing a rollshutter from your local building store is cheaper than professionally installed shutters even when factoring in the fee for electricians if a motorized solution has been chosen. Of course, having the flexibility to install the unit at a convenient time is attractive to those with busy schedules however, finding someone to service the unit, if there are operational issues later on, may prove to be a challenge.

Professionally Installed Rollshutters

Peace of mind is well worth the additional cost when choosing to purchase a rollshutter from a reputable supplier who specializes in the industry. Consulting with such professionals will lead to a custom-made rollshutter engineered specifically for your desired solution and a professional installation that you can rest assured is safe and secure.

Following are just some of the value-added benefits of having a professional take care of your rollshutter investment:

Customization: There are several Rollshutter Manufacturers offering custom-made rollshutters. Talius is one manufacturer who offers 5 standard colors, or over 1800 custom color options to blend seamlessly into your building decor. Talius rollshutters can also work to promote your corporate identity. Stand out from the rest and print product images or your company logo directly on the rollshutter curtain.

Amplified Security: Not only are Talius security rollshutter profiles virtually indestructible, there are many additional locking options available based on the shutter type. Sliding lock bars, high-security key locks, and internal locking mechanisms, among others, can be used to increase security. To prevent tampering, Talius offers a unique U-sill which prevents an intruder from being able to pry up the rollshutter from the base of the unit.

The best in customer service: When you choose a professional rollshutter supplier, you will not find yourself left with your fingers crossed hoping that the unit will continue to operate without a problem.

Here at Talius, for example, our team of highly trained customer service professionals, remain willing to help. That being said, as an industry leader for the past 40 years, Talius products speak for themselves and are proven to stand up to the test of time. Long-lasting products and peace of mind equal excellent value for money.


Rollshutters create an effective barrier againstvandalism, break-ins and theft.

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