Revamping your home’s aesthetics and value with roll shutters and habitat screens


Investing in home improvement projects that offer practical benefits while increasing property value is a goal shared by many homeowners. Two popular options for enhancing residential properties are the installation of roll shutters and habitat screens. In this article, we will explore the advantages of incorporating these features into homes and provide insights into their potential impact on property value based on available data.

Talius residential roll shutters

Benefits of Roll Shutters:

  1. Security and Privacy: Roll shutters act as a robust physical barrier against unauthorized entry, protecting homes from burglary attempts and vandalism. Their durable construction and integrated locking mechanisms provide an additional layer of security, promoting peace of mind for homeowners. Moreover, roll shutters can be operated remotely, allowing residents to control light, airflow, and privacy levels within their homes with ease.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Roll shutters possess excellent insulation properties, minimizing heat transfer between the interior and exterior of a home. They act as effective thermal barriers, reducing heat gain during summers and heat loss during winters. By enhancing the energy efficiency of a residence, roll shutters can contribute to lower utility bills and a reduced environmental footprint.
  3. Noise Reduction: Living in a noisy neighbourhood or near a busy road can significantly impact one’s quality of life. Roll shutters effectively reduce external noise levels, creating a peaceful and serene indoor environment. The insulating properties of these shutters can help homeowners enjoy a quieter living space by blocking out noise from traffic, construction, or other disruptive sources.

Benefits of Habitat Screens: Talius Habitat Screens

  1. Insect Protection: Habitat screens offer a practical solution for homeowners seeking to enjoy fresh air and natural ventilation without the intrusion of insects. These screens are designed to keep out mosquitos, flies, and other pests, allowing residents to open their windows and doors while maintaining a bug-free environment. By minimizing the need for chemical-based insect repellents, habitat screens promote a healthier living space.
  2. Enhanced Outdoor Experience: Creating a harmonious connection between indoor and outdoor living spaces is a key desire for many homeowners. Habitat screens enable the creation of outdoor rooms, such as porches, patios, and balconies, that can be utilized for various activities while being protected from insects and the elements. These screens provide an extended outdoor living experience, allowing residents to relax, entertain guests, or dine alfresco without the hassle of bugs or excessive sun exposure.

Impact on Home Value:

While the impact on home value can vary depending on multiple factors, including location, market conditions, and property characteristics, available data indicates a positive correlation between the presence of roll shutters and habitat screens and home value appreciation.

  1. Roll Shutters: A study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders found that homes equipped with security features, including roll shutters, experienced an average increase in value of approximately 3-5%. This data suggests that the presence of roll shutters can positively influence home valuations.
  2. Habitat Screens: While specific data on home value appreciation related to habitat screens is more limited, the National Association of Realtors highlights the importance of outdoor living spaces in driving home value. Homes with well-designed and functional outdoor spaces, which can be achieved through the use of habitat screens, are often more desirable to buyers, potentially resulting in increased property values.

The incorporation of roll shutters and habitat screens into residential homes provides practical benefits and can contribute to an appreciation in home value. The security, energy efficiency, noise reduction, and enhanced outdoor living experience offered by these features resonate with buyers, making properties equipped with roll shutters and habitat screens more appealing in the market. While specific statistics may vary depending on various factors, the available data supports the notion that these additions can positively impact home value, making them worthwhile investments for homeowners.


Rollshutters create an effective barrier againstvandalism, break-ins and theft.

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