Downtown Core – Talius Vandal-Resistant Automated Roll Shutters


Downtown cores can be a great place for business. But doing business in busy, urban areas often comes with headaches such as break-ins, excessive graffiti and window smashing. For La Magasin, a stunning and fully-restored character building nestled in the heart of historic Gastown, Vancouver, protecting their beautiful arcade entrance and the precious small business located within from an increasing number of break-ins and vandalism was why they chose Talius Roll Shutters.

Our most recent Automated Vandalism-Resistant Roll Shutter installation

Installation size: 12’x13′ ft
Product material:
Safeview Grill Aluminum
Installed by: Premier Automation and Design

Talius_le_magasin_vandal_roll_shutters_outside Talius_le_magasin_vandal_roll_shutters_entranceTalius_Le-Magasin-SafeView-Grille


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Rollshutters create an effective barrier againstvandalism, break-ins and theft.

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