8 Ways to Keep your Home Cool this Summer Without Using AC


Summer cometh… and we here at Talius are determined to make sure you keep your home cool during the summer months without relying on AC. Shading screens are a useful method of improving comfort and reducing A/C operating times.

These simple tricks not only work, but they are cost effective, energy efficient and will likely help you save money on your electric bill.

1. Install Talius Roller Shutters or Habitat Screens

hurricane shutters on the outside of a large home

Our roller shutters are ideal for keeping the cool in and keeping the heat out. Simply keeping the blinds closed doesn’t have the same effect. It does help, but with rollshutters the difference is quite noticeable.

During the summer months, the installation of roller shutters can reduce reliance on expensive air conditioning units by as much as 45%. Our shutters can be operated via a switch or manually – it’s your choice.

Talius Habitat Screens are a perfect solution if you have a beautiful view you are trying to preserve while keeping your home cool. Talius Habitat Screens installed on the outside of your windows dramatically reduce the heat from solar heat gain before it hits the glass.

By blocking the sun before it hits your window, Talius Habitat Screens are far more effective at reducing interior temperatures than interior blinds and shades while preserving your view.

2. Keep the Free Flow of Air

Day or night, closing off doors will keep heat trapped in your rooms – not a good thing.

During summer, the nights get cooler, and you should definitely take advantage of that by opening all doors and letting the cool air flow through the house.

Invest in a cost-effective bug screen for your doors if you don’t already have one or check out Talius Habitat Screens, this will keep the cool air flowing while keeping pesky insects out.

3. Use a Fan

Fans are by far a cheaper alternative to air conditioning, and using this cool trick can even replicate the effects of an AC unit: Put ice or an Ice pack in front of the fan and the air glides over the ice and it cools it on the way to you.

4. Update your Bedding

Cotton is the way! Changing out your sheets looks good, but as opposed to fleece and flannel, cotton breathes and is therefore not retaining heat. I know from personal experience that the type of bedding does make a difference and helps you get a good night’s rest.

5. Ceiling Fans Should Rotate Counterclockwise

ceiling fan

This is a little known fact, but we should set the rotation of our ceiling fans depending on the season.

In the summer set your ceiling fan to spin counterclockwise which pushes cool air downwards. The trick here is to notch the speed of the fan up a bit, while it is rotating counterclockwise.

6. Turn on the Exhaust Fan in the Kitchen

Exhaust fans are deigned to draw hot air from the house – so why not employ it during the hot summer months? The answer is simple, but this little tactic is widely overlooked by many.

7. Crack a Window

Open your windows and let the cool night air in. Nature has perfectly provided many cool nights during the summer for some areas. If you’re afraid of letting in bugs as well – then the solution is installing Habitat Screens from Talius.

8. Switch your Bulbs

Florescent bulb

Incandescent bulbs emit 90% of their energy through heat. By changing your lighting to CFLs or Compact Florescent Lights, you will make a difference in the temperature of your house, and also cut back on your electric bill.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to make your house cooler during summer? If so, then leave a comment.


Rollshutters create an effective barrier againstvandalism, break-ins and theft.

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