Do Storm Shutters Actually Protect Me During A Hurricane?


Over the past decade, hurricanes seem to have gotten stronger and more frequent. People spend more and more time thinking about protecting their families and homes from the hurricane’s destructive consequences.

While it’s impossible to be completely safe from strong hurricanes, you can help to protect your home by installing storm shutters.

Roller Shutters Keep Mother Nature At Bay

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While roller shutters come with many advantages, including energy savings and extra security, they also will keep your home safe from strong winds and flying debris associated with hurricanes. Such shutters can withstand winds up to 100 mph.

Even if you are forced to leave your home during a hurricane, roller shutters give you a fair shot at keeping your property safe. Of course, roller shutters aren’t a magical remedy but they offer good additional protection for your home.

Storm Shutters Protect The Glass Elements

Windows and doors are the entryways that need the most protection when the storm rages. Window storm shutters are the ultimate solution when you want to protect what is behind your windows. Even if the wind is not terribly strong, the flying debris can break the glass in your windows and allow the weather to wreak havoc inside your home.

The main goal of the storm shutter is to keep the elements out. As soon as your home is breached, the damage to your property can be overwhelming and extensive. In many cases, the roof can collapse due to the upward pressure. The extra protection offered by sturdy shutters can keep your windows and doors intact.

Storm Shutters Can Save You Money

If you live in an area, which is prone to hurricanes, equipping your home with storm shutters can save you money on insurance.

If you are thinking about the resale value of your home, storm shutters can increase the value. A person is sure to choose a storm-protected home over an unprotected one, especially in an area that is prone to hurricane weather.

In the long run, storm shutters save homeowners substantial amounts of money.


Rollshutters create an effective barrier againstvandalism, break-ins and theft.

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