How Can You Secure Your Small Business?


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Security threats are not just concerns for major companies, even the smallest businesses need protection. The idea of security is often thought of as safeguarding a physical environment, but it also encompasses creating a safe environment for staff. Here is a guide to help you secure your small business.

  1. Implement Access Procedures

Have you ever thought about who has access to your property? If you have not, simply think back to how many people have keys to the building. Keeping track of this is critical, as trusting the wrong person with direct access to your business can be consequential. In addition to keeping records of keys, limit access to rooms with confidential information.

  1. Assess Risks

Working within an effective budget keeps small businesses afloat, therefore it is smart to assess threats to the property before making investments in security. A risk assessment allows for the identification of high-priority threats. It may be helpful to ask yourself the following:

  • Do I need to make improvements to lighting?
  • Is the business in an area prone to natural disasters?
  • Can the show window withstand break-in attempts?

Narrow your risks, maximize your investment.

  1. Invest in the most appropriate security mechanisms

Upon completion of a risk assessment, start to look for the most appropriate security options. While lighting and locks are thought of as immediate solutions, the industry has diversified with more modern options

  • Rollshutters and Safe View Rollshutters: You may have noticed that many outlet stores use “see-through” shutters to secure their spaces. These are Safe View Rollshutters which are a stylish addition to the storefront. Both Rollshutters and Safe View Rollshutters keep the burglars out, offering value for money and long-lasting security. Safe View Rollshutters allow for 24-hour visibility while Rollshutters transform properties into fortresses, not to be messed with.
  • Security Cameras: The best surveillance cameras offer premium quality,  durability, functionality, and of course, are well concealed. Today’s options offer 1080p HD and 4K UHD video, with built-in infrared lighting to capture the darkest environments. Take a look at these highly recommended cameras for buyers in 2021. Connecting the camera to your phone makes monitoring easier whether you are on or off-site. The disadvantage to security cameras, however, is that they only alert you to someone attempting to gain access to your property but do nothing to prevent the intruder from continuing with their attempt. Therefore, security cameras are best used when combined with other security protection products.
  • Lighting: Amping up your business’ lighting is more strategic than just adding extra lights for illumination. Some business owners leave lights on at night as a deterrent, allowing people to believe that someone is still in office. If you are concerned about the electricity costs this can incur, there are smart energy options to consider. Directing lighting is also strategic, as it coincides with lighting the view of security cameras, and illuminating easy access points. Lastly, lights should be protected from people and weather events. They tend to be mounted high and covered with clear panels, or protected with mesh wire.
  • Commercial Security Systems: Today’s security systems integrate crucial elements such as video surveillance, alarm systems, and motion detectors to give small businesses a full package to safeguard properties. When integrated into mobile phones, alerts can be received in real-time without the hassle of a security company. Here are some security systems to consider for your property.
  1. Involve staff in security plans and training

One benefit of having a small business is close communication with a smaller number of employees. This allows them to be actively involved in monitoring and maintaining security procedures. A communication plan or action plan should be established to teach staff how to respond to security threats, stay safe in emergency situations, and know how to operate in disaster situations. They can be actively involved in monitoring suspicious behaviour, and keeping customers away from areas designated for staff only.

Securing your small business is multifaceted, but when the risks are assessed the investment is maximized.


Rollshutters create an effective barrier againstvandalism, break-ins and theft.

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