Reducing Energy Consumption and Costs: Talius’ Energy-Efficient Solutions for Educational Facilities


Educational facilities play a crucial role in shaping young minds, but they can also consume a significant amount of energy. As a leading provider of innovative energy-efficient solutions, Talius offers products that help educational facilities reduce their energy consumption and lower their carbon footprints.

One of Talius’ most popular solutions for educational facilities is Rollshutters. According to a national research council of Canada 2009 study, Rollshutters can reduce the windows U-factor by up to 40% and daily energy use of air conditioning units by about 45% compared to homes without Rollshutters. Additionally, Roll shutters can reduce heat loss through the windows by 20% and reduce heating energy use by 4% compared to homes without Rollshutters. By installing Rollshutters, educational facilities can significantly reduce their energy consumption and operating costs.

Rollshutters and Habitat Screens from Talius can also help prevent moisture condensation on interior window surfaces during the night in winter by keeping interior glass surfaces 4 degree Celsius warmer than homes without Rollshutters. This can help prevent mold growth, improve indoor air quality, and reduce the need for costly repairs.

Another popular solution from Talius is Habitat Screens. Habitat Screens can reduce the solar heat gain by 80% when compared to alternative window treatments. By stopping the sun’s intense and harmful heat and glare before it reaches the windows, Habitat Screens help reduce the energy required for air conditioning units to cool the interior of the educational facility. This can significantly reduce energy consumption and lower costs.

By investing in Talius’ energy-efficient solutions, educational facilities can achieve long-term cost savings. While there may be an initial investment, the energy savings achieved by Talius’ solutions can offset the initial investment in a relatively short period. Moreover, Talius is committed to creating sustainable products that help reduce their impact on the environment. Choosing Talius’ energy-efficient solutions also means contributing to a more sustainable future.

In conclusion, educational facilities can benefit greatly from Talius’ energy-efficient solutions. Rollshutters and Habitat Screens can help reduce energy consumption, lower costs, prevent moisture condensation, and achieve long-term cost savings. Additionally, Talius’ solutions are sustainable and contribute to a more environmentally friendly future. By choosing Talius, educational facilities can help create a better future for themselves and future generations.


Rollshutters create an effective barrier againstvandalism, break-ins and theft.

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