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Talius Habitat Screens™: The Perfect Solution for Summer Patio Enclosure

Talius Habitat Screens™ offer a perfect solution for patio coverings during the summer. These screens provide a range of benefits that enhance the outdoor experience while effectively addressing the challenges...

08 Jul 2024
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Talius Habitat Screens™: The Perfect Solution for Summer Patio Enclosure

08 Jul 2024

The BC Government’s Short-Sighted Approach: Air Conditioning Over Passive Cooling for Senior Homes

24 Jun 2024

Talius COO, Cal Johnson Celebrating Nearly Three Decades with the Company

17 Jun 2024

What to Expect During Dealer Training

12 Jun 2024

Understanding the Different Rollshutter Profiles – Part 2

06 Jun 2024

Understanding the Different Rollshutter Profiles – Part 1

27 May 2024

Features to Keep and Eye on When Choosing a Rollshutter – Part 2

21 May 2024

PRESS RELEASE: Welcoming Aloha Awnings & Window Coverings to the Talius Family

13 May 2024

Features to Keep and Eye on When Choosing a Rollshutter – Part 1

06 May 2024

Solutions for Educational Facilities: Talius Rollshutters and Habitat Screens in Schools

29 Apr 2024

PRESS RELEASE: Welcoming Spectrum Remodeling to the Talius Family

22 Apr 2024

PRESS RELEASE: Talius Receives New Investments

16 Apr 2024

Habitat Screens as the Ideal Choice to Enclose your Desk Space

15 Apr 2024

Talius Exhibiting at this Year’s Annual Conference on Architecture

08 Apr 2024

Rollshutters as a Barrier to Burglary and an Opportunity to Cost Reduction

01 Apr 2024

Be Prepared for a Hot Summer in Canada: The Solution with Talius Rollshutters and Habitat Screens™

26 Mar 2024

In-Depth Look at Talius Zip Motors and Their Use in Our Signature Habitat Screens

18 Mar 2024

Expanding Your Living Space with Retractable Screens

05 Feb 2024

Unveiling the Answers: Talius Roll Shutters Customer FAQs

29 Jan 2024

PRESS RELEASE: Talius Collaborates with the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation to Bring Enhanced Security to the Downtown Region

19 Jan 2024

Maintaining Your Investment: Making Your Roll Shutters Work for You

15 Jan 2024

Introducing New Talius Tubular Motors

02 Jan 2024

PRESS RELEASE: Welcoming Rainier Shade to the Talius Family

20 Dec 2023

Comparing Roll Shutters with Other Popular Security Solutions for Small Businesses

11 Dec 2023

Year-Round Comfort: Using Roll Shutters to Regulate Home Temperature

04 Dec 2023

PRESS RELEASE: Welcoming Comfort Shades and Shutters to the Talius Family

29 Nov 2023

Choosing the Right Roll Shutter for Your Space: A Buying Guide

27 Nov 2023

PRESS RELEASE: Talius Announces Partnership with Screen It Kona to Expand in the Hawaii Islands

27 Nov 2023

PRESS RELEASE: Welcoming Palm Security & Power Screens to the Talius Family

25 Nov 2023

PRESS RELEASE: Talius Attends the Record-Breaking Housing Central Conference in Vancouver

21 Nov 2023

Cypress Mountain Village Retail Roll Shutter Protection for British Pacific Properties Ltd

30 Oct 2023

Talius Carves Out New Territory with Expansion into Minnesota: Quality, Security and Environmental Responsibility Lead the Charge

09 Oct 2023

Assessing the True Costs of Vandalism, Window Smashing, and Graffiti on Small Businesses

08 Oct 2023

A Very Large Residential Patio Habitat Screen Installation

08 Oct 2023

Roll Shutters and LEED Certification: A Sustainable Solution for Modern Buildings

08 Oct 2023

A Very Large Residential Patio Habitat Screen Installation

07 Sep 2023

Talius Carves Out New Territory with Expansion into Minnesota: Quality, Security and Environmental Responsibility Lead the Charge

09 Aug 2023

Downtown Core – Talius Vandal-Resistant Automated Roll Shutters

27 Jul 2023

Residential Patio + Porch Talius Automated Habitat Screen Installation

11 Jul 2023

Comparative Architectural Assessment: Retractable Awnings vs. Roll Shutters for Residential Homes

22 Jun 2023

Revamping your home’s aesthetics and value with roll shutters and habitat screens

09 Jun 2023

Exploring Material Differences for Roll Shutters in Commercial Buildings and Retail Businesses: A Comprehensive Analysis

01 Jun 2023

Balancing functionality and features—whether to implement habitat screens or roll shutters for an office space.

11 May 2023

How roll shutters can save thousands in annual energy costs for public spaces

01 May 2023

Three benefits you might not know about when installing home habitat screens

28 Apr 2023

Talius COO Cal Johnson Wins 2023 Award: Get to Know the Man Behind the Success

19 Apr 2023

Block The Sun, Not Your View: Enjoy the Outdoors with Talius Habitat Screens™

19 Apr 2023

Reducing Energy Consumption and Costs: Talius’ Energy-Efficient Solutions for Educational Facilities

18 Apr 2023

We’ve released the new S.H.I.E.L.D. StormLock roll shutter system

28 Feb 2023

Talius releases a new Energy Savings Calculator for property owners and developers

20 Apr 2022

Talius Will Be Attending Globe Forum 2022

24 Mar 2022

Do Retractable Screens Keep Bugs Out?

22 Jul 2021

Are High-End Custom-Made Retractable Screen Doors Worth the Cost?

16 Jul 2021

How do you Create an Outdoor Living Space on a Budget?

09 Jul 2021

15 Interior Decor & Design Trends for 2021

28 May 2021

How Can You Secure Your Small Business?

23 May 2021

What are Solar Shades?

20 Apr 2021

What are the Different Types of Storm Shutters?

20 Apr 2021

Rollshutters Vs. Impact Windows

08 Apr 2021

How Can You Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Home?

25 Mar 2021

What Can a Retractable Screen System Do for Your Life

22 Feb 2021

What Window Treatments are in Style for 2021?

10 Feb 2021

8 Things We Can Do Today at Home to Be More Sustainable

19 Jan 2021

6 Trendy Ways You Can Transform Your Interior Decor this Winter

05 Jan 2021

Traditional Rollshutters Vs. Safe View Rollshutters

08 Dec 2020

Do Motorized Retractable Screens Protect Against UV Rays?

05 Dec 2020

DIY Rollshutters Vs. Professionally Installed Rollshutters

20 Nov 2020

How Being Energy Efficient Can Result In Tax Credits & Rebates

09 Nov 2020

What is a Retractable Screen?

02 Nov 2020

Expanding Your Living Space with Retractable Screens

26 Oct 2020

The Difference Between Carbon Neutral and Net-Zero

29 Sep 2020

Is It Possible To Have A Zero-Carbon Footprint?

22 Sep 2020

5 Cost-Effective Ways to Secure Your Business

16 Sep 2020

6 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Space

17 Aug 2020

Energy Retrofits – Why they are important and inexpensive upgrades you can do at home.

04 Jul 2020

Product Emissions – How they impact our Health and Environment

13 May 2020

The Evolution of Solar Shading Solutions

18 Apr 2020

7 Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bill this Winter

24 Jan 2020

Sustainability Practices for 2020 You Can Do Right Now at Home

17 Jan 2020

What to Consider When Choosing a Contractor for Your Renovation

27 Mar 2019

Securing Schools: What can Talius do?

06 Mar 2019

Easy Tips to Get You to Zero Waste

06 Mar 2019

5 Creative Tiny Homes You Have to See

20 Dec 2018

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Solar Screens

11 Dec 2018

Storm Protection Tips to Stay Safe during a Nor’easter

15 Nov 2018

5 Companies that are Leading the Way in Sustainability Trends

29 Oct 2018

A Buyer’s Guide to Security Options for Your Home

22 Oct 2018

Why are Some People Choosing to Live in Tiny Homes

14 Oct 2018

Getting the Most out of Your Patio During the Fall

25 Sep 2018

Innovative Ways to Integrate Solar Panels into your Home

13 Sep 2018

Rollshutters Vs. Screens: When to Use Each

28 Aug 2018

Quick Ways to Update your Patio for Summer

15 Aug 2018

What is the Energy Step Code for British Columbia?

31 Jul 2018

Technologies that can Make your Home more Energy Efficient

24 Jul 2018

10 Items Under $20 To Make Your Summer Home Look Great

26 Jun 2018

6 Things You Can Do To Get Your Patio Summer Ready

07 Jun 2018

Emergency Preparedness Week in Canada 2018: An Overview

17 May 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Passive Homes

13 Apr 2018

Securing your Cabin or Vacation Home for the Winter

23 Mar 2018

When to Choose Interior or Exterior Blinds

15 Mar 2018

Green Home Building Design Principles

25 Jan 2018

5 Items Under $20 To Help Reduce Household Waste

15 Dec 2017

Securing Your Cabin Or Vacation Home For The Winter

27 Nov 2017

5 Ways To Increase The Privacy Of Your Apartment Deck

11 Nov 2017

6 Creative Home Storage Ideas

03 Nov 2017

Awnings Vs. Screens: When to Use Each

20 Oct 2017

Do Storm Shutters Actually Protect Me During A Hurricane?

05 Oct 2017

6 Ways Rolling Shutters Can Make a Difference In Your Life

13 Sep 2017

5 Ingenious Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer

18 Aug 2017

How to Make Your Home Bug Free for Summer

11 Aug 2017

7 Tips for Making the Most of Your Outdoor Living Space

07 Jul 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Security Roller Shutters

24 Jun 2017

8 Ways to Keep your Home Cool this Summer Without Using AC

30 May 2017

Breaking News: Talius Opens New Manufacturing Plant in Ontario

18 May 2017

5 Home Improvement Projects that will Pay Off when Selling Your Home

05 May 2017

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Electric Bill

17 Apr 2017

How Installing Roller Shutters Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

07 Apr 2017

The Key Benefits of Installing Roller Shutters and Security Shutters

30 Mar 2017

3 Essential Ways to Protect your Business from Property Damage

23 Mar 2017

Can Security Shutters Reduce my Insurance Premium for Business or Home?

16 Mar 2017

Times Talius Roller Shutters and Security Shutters Saved the Day

08 Mar 2017

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