Securing and Transforming Costco’s Landscape in Downtown Vancouver

Protecting the Franchise Storefront from vandalism and damage

05 Jan 2024

Downtown Vancouver's Costco Wholesale franchise has fallen victim of vandalism in the form of unsolicited graffiti and broken windows. Talius roll shutters provided the solution to prevent future damage to the dozen windows that span down Expo Boulevard and protect the store's parkade. 35 roll shutters were installed within 3 days! The length of the storefront required multiple installations all conveniently programmed to be dropped down and brought up with the click of a button. The installation of Talius Roll Shutters at Costco not only transforms the exterior landscape but also reflects a shared commitment to elevating the shopping experience through advanced technology and design.

Installation size:

Large Commercial

Product material:

Aluminum Resin Filled Mini Safe Roll Shutter Profile

Installed by:


Secure your storefront with the industry's most strongest aluminum profile

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Our innovative roll shutter installation is more than a visual upgrade. These shutters are all equipped our edge retention systems which keeps the shutters secured neatly in a guarded rail. They are also coated with our certified non-sacrificial anti-graffiti coating which protects your property against repeat vandalism. It's a testament to maintaining a protected environment for both large franchises such as Costco as well as smaller, privately owned business that face the same issues.

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