Habitat Screens and Indoor Comfort for Hub Grill and Bar

Securing highly targeted businesses with high-end protective roll shutters to fully mitigate theft and intrusions.

26 Oct 2023

The Hub Grill and Bar in Mesa, Arizona, is one of Mesa's more popular neighbourhood bars. Until recently, restaurant patrons were subject to Arizona's harsh sunlight for those sitting near one of the bar's 120" windows. With Talius Habitat XL screens, customers can now dine comfortably while enjoying the view outside.

Installation size:

146" x 121"

Product material:


Installed by:

Comfort Shade & Shutter

Provide shade without sacrificing your view with automated habitat screens.

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Choose from various habitat screens to provide shade for any space or dimension. Talius’s Habitat Screens are custom-made for each window opening to create a highly efficient shading solution. Customize the look and feel and the fabric of your Habitat Screen to match your home or business storefront.

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