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About us

For over 40 years, Talius has developed a reputation as an industry-leading manufacturer that consistently delivers quality products with pride.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is fully equipped with the latest technologies, allowing our world-class product engineers to develop top-notch products. Our extensive inventory and sophisticated manufacturing processes enable us to handle projects of any size and complexity.

Our team of dedicated employees is committed to completing each job flawlessly and creating lasting value for our clients through innovative designs, efficient manufacturing techniques, reliable shipping, product testing, and unsurpassed customer support. Talius products are brought to market throughout North America and the Caribbean by our highly qualified network of dealers.

About us

Our clients say

“A great company to deal with from the day of the quote to the completion of the job. Customer service was amazing. Talius is a pleasure to deal with, they are professional, punctual and we are extremely happy with the finished product. Will recommend them to anyone looking for Roll Shutters.”

Kevin Infanti

Facilities Coordinator, BC Liquor Distribution Branch

“I’ve been working with Talius since 2010. Since the installation of their shutters, we have never had any break ins nor attempts of break ins. Talius is always helping us with technical issues. Even the owner of Talius took our call at 2AM to assist us once. Most of the time the issues are not because of the shutters but because of us. Talius has the option of security you need to run your business. They are a reliable company. If you need security, think Talius.”

Sutha Karan

Founder, Director of Express News Convenience

“We chose to go with Talius as our contractor as their product was the best on the market. From initial meet right thru to completion we had no issues. I would highly recommend choosing Talius for your next project.”

Mark Wapples

Langley Events Centre

“To get peace of mind about security for your home or office, Talius products guarantee that! Fantastic products on the market that are second to none.”

Al Sharda

“Reliable, safe, good looking.”

József Szabó

“Talius’s habitat screens have changed my sun-facing living from a heat trap to the most comfortable room in our house. We no longer need to keep the AC on throughout the day.”

Alexandra Brads

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