Security Solutions for School

Create a Safe School Environment

Ensuring that your school is safe from break-ins and vandalism promotes a healthy and morale boosting learning environment. Talius rollshutters retract into a sleek panel box during school hours providing an unobstructed view to the outside. They are an attractive alternative to other traditional security options and will save you money on broken glass and maintenance costs.

Our rollshutters are custom made using the most durable components and are designed to deter break-ins and theft and protect exposed glass from vandalism.

Talius Rollshutters will:

  • Protect glass
  • Deter vandalism
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Create and unobstructed view
  • Save on energy costs

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Security Solutions That Cut Down on Cost

Talius rollshutters are a one-time, cost-effective application that will eliminate the need for expensive emergency glass clean-up, window repairs, and replacement of stolen property. Moreover, Talius rollshutters help to curb the negative impacts of vandalism and forced entry have on morale.

Rollshutters are designed to combine purpose with appearance. Our rollshutters will harmonize perfectly with your school’s exterior and can even be customized to match school colours! Our insulated rollshutter profiles also help reduce heat loss in winter and prevent solar heat gains in summer making them an energy-efficient security solution for all applications.

During school hours, rollshutters can be retracted to provide an unobstructed view, or regulated to control light and glare. Operation is simple with manual or motorized convenience and a variety of options including remote control, group control and integration with building automation systems.

Vandal Panels™

Vandal Panels™ provide an alternative security solution for areas where space is restricted or safety exit regulations exist.

Talius Vandal Panels™ do not obstruct natural light and are made from durable perforated aluminum for superior strength. They are ideal for door lites, side lites, transom windows, or anywhere that space and security are a concern.

Like Talius rollshutters, our Vandal Panels™ are also custom made and painted to match your school’s exterior.

The Solution You’ve Been Looking For

Talius is proud to offer the school security solutions that you have been looking for. We have installed our products on countless schools across the continent and are prepared to handle projects of any size with confidence. For the past 40 years, Talius has been the trusted security solution provider for schools, homes, and businesses.

Talius rollshutters and Vandal Panels™ designed, engineered and customized to meet your exact requirements and are backed by a comprehensive warranty.

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Protect Your Scool with Talius Security Solutions.

We are extremely pleased with our rollshutters in all respects. We have a great deal of peace of mind when away on vacations. We would recommend your rollshutters to all homeowners.

Mr and Mrs Evers

We chose your rollshutters over installing a security system because we feel a preventative measure of a break-in was a wiser choice rather than coming home and finding our house was broken into and the polict were not able to respond in time. I feel very secure when we leave our home and drop all the rollshutters around the doors and windows. We love our rollshutters.

M Rebagliati

I can sleep at night knowing that my business is protected from criminals. I would avoid all other security systems and make Talius my first choice. They are well worth it.

Dr. Lisa Coveney - Child's Play Dentistry

We now have shutters on 10 of our schools which had experienced extreme glass breakage and losses due to theft. In each case, the problems ceased as soon as Talius Rollshutters were installed.

Larry Bryce - Director of Operations, School District #40, New Westminister, BC

Talius Rollshutters are fantastic. Talius delivers on quality, product and service. I would recommend them highly to my friends.

Dave Fleming

Talius rollshutters considerably influence the conditions of climate by their summer/winter insulation effects and the Talius follow-up service has been exemplary.

A Gerz

Not only are the rollshutters invaluable in keeping our south exposure cooler in the summer, but this past exceptionally cold winter, they have provided valuable insulation.

G Johnston

After having a rollshutter installed on the sunroom roof last spring our first summer with it was absolutely delightful! Our sunroom and house were cool and bearable and we are looking forward to having the full run of our house again this summer.

L Turner and A Clair

Prior to having Talius rollshutters installed, I had several break-ins. Now that I have Talius rollshutters, I don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to come to the office to respond to alarm calls.

John Llewellyn - Owner, Celtic Distributors

I was impressed with the quality of the rollshutters, and my calculations indicate that by installing Talius rollshutters, the maintenance and operating costs of our schools have declined. I recommend this product to anyone who has experienced vandalism or wants to prevent it.

Lloyd Williamson - Maintenance Superintendant, School District #27, Cariboo-Chilcotin, BC