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Talius Habitat Screens™ Are Roller Shade Sunglasses for your Home

Talius Habitat Screens & Roller Shades solar protection for your homeTalius offers superior solar protection for your home or business with our Habitat Screens™.  Talius roller shades are retractable, energy efficient, and an attractive alternative to traditional interior blinds and window treatments.

Talius solar protection solutions are like sunglasses for your home. Our exterior window shades block the sun’s harmful UV rays, but do not sacrifice your view or daylight.

Our roller shades will exceed your expectations of quality, performance, and style. We take pride in developing and manufacturing the finest products to give each of our customer’s exceptional value.

Talius solar screen shades are ideal for both residential and commercial use and can be custom fit for your specific needs. Each of our solar screens comes with the option of manual or automatic controls.

Reclaim Your Outdoor Space with Solar Screens

Talius sun protection screens are designed with your unique home, outdoor space or business in mind. Our solar screens can be adjusted to provide shade when you need it most.  And when not in use, the screen retracts neatly into a 5” panel box. For more information on solar screens for your home, business or gazebos, decks, and patiosclick here.

Talius sun protection is not only designed to enhance the look of your building or space, it will also harmonize perfectly with your existing décor.

Talius solar screens let you enjoy a cool, comfortable environment without sacrificing any of your view.

With quality sun protection, you can enjoy your outdoor living space free from the sun’s heat and glare. Each of our solar screens also act as protection from the wind and bugs – allowing you to enjoy your space any time of the day!

Benefits & Features of Exterior Window Shades

Talius Habitat Screens providing solar protection on the outside of a residential apartment building with exterior window shadesThe benefits of exterior window shades are endless. Easy to see through and completely retractable, Habitat Screens™ are superior to traditional interior window treatments.  They provide true protection from the sun.

Habitat Screens™ will:

  • Preserve your view
  • Keep your home or business cool
  • Reduce air conditioning costs
  • Protect furniture from fading
  • Stop hardwood floors from drying
  • Protect valuable artwork from the sun
  • Keep insects out
  • Reduce solar heat gain
  • Provide daytime privacy

In addition, Talius solar screens are energy efficient and designed to absorb the sun’s heat before it reaches the glass. This will save you money on air conditioning costs and will protect items in your home from fading. For more information on energy efficiency in Talius products, click here.

Your Trusted Solar Protection Specialist

Talius exterior window shades are the ultimate solution to protect your home or building from the sun’s harmful UV rays, bugs, and wind.

We are your trusted sun protection provider with over 30 years of experience manufacturing Habitat Screens™ in our state-of-the-art facility. Recognized throughout North America, Talius has your sun protection solution.

Please contact one of our knowledgeable representatives to find the best solution for your specific building’s needs.